Ride With Don Norby As He Hammers A Classic Jag XKE Around Rad Atlanta

Ride With Don Norby As He Hammers A Classic Jag XKE Around Rad Atlanta

One of the great regrets I currently have is that science has not allowed human cloning to advance to the point that it is a viable option for allowing us to be at all the places we want at the same time. I sadly missed the famed “Mitty” race at Road Atlanta this spring as I was committed to being somewhere else and it wasn’t something I could get out of. Thankfully through the coverage from Tommy Lee Byrd and the videos that pal of BangShift Craig Sutherland has been sending I almost feel like I was there….almost.

In this video that Craigs sent our way we’ll ride along with Don Norby in his full-house road racing prepped Jaguar XKE. The car sounds amazing with its DOHC inline six and it looks like tough stuff with the British racing green paint, large Minilite wheels, and fully caged interior. I have admitted before on these pages that I am kind of a freak for old Jag XKs and to see one like this in full racing garb is even cooler. Adding to the already ice cold nature of this car is the fact that it is fast and Norby is a bad ass behind the wheel. This video starts with him qualified on the outside pole dicing it up with a far lighter and more lithe open cockpit Lotus entry. While Norby can’t stave him off for good, he certainly makes the guy in that little Lotus sing for his dinner if you know what we mean.

After thanking your mom for being the awesome lady that she is on this mother’s day, press play below and listen to this mechanical mother really make some noise. There’s nothing like seeing a classic race car driven at is limits!


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