Install Video: RideTech’s Killer Bolt-In 4-Link For 1970-1981 F-Bodies Is A Tailor Made Home Project

Install Video: RideTech’s Killer Bolt-In 4-Link For 1970-1981 F-Bodies Is A Tailor Made Home Project

There are cool products and then there are COOL PRODUCTS. In this case we are talking about the RideTech bolt in 4-link rear suspension for 1970-1981 F-bodies. This is a system that has been engineered to greatly increase the handling prowess of these cars and the best part of all is that you can literally do this job at home. Is it a 15 minute project? Hell no. If you own a drill, a ratchet set, and a couple wrenches you can make this happen.

Seriously, this is bad ass. Check it out!

Here’s the full story from RideTech and the install video is below –

RideTech’s revolutionary new Bolt-On 4-Link for 1970-1981 Camaros and Firebirds is unlike anything else on the market. We’ve been showing off the system’s performance at high performance driving events from coast to coast.  Now it’s time to show you how easy it is to install the new design on your second-gen. We chose Scott Brown’s sharp 1981 Z28. With enough horsepower to run a low 10 second ET, Scott’s Z will really benefit from the strength and geometry of the new design.

A rear subframe layout called the “Unicradle” employs supplemental frame rails and a forward bulkhead brace to locate the eight link pivot points. Second-gen F-body rear frame rails are known for their structural weakness and manufacturing variations. With more available power and traction, RideTech realized the need for a better design that does not rely on the stock weak frame rails.

RideTech’s “Unicradle” design features three key elements that are unlike any other 4-Link design on the market. Unique rear subframe rails attach to the four leaf spring perch mounts. From there, the shock crossmember attaches to the subframe rails. The second key element of the Unicradle design is the tubular bulkhead brace which bolts to the car’s bulkhead (rear firewall) and transmission tunnel. The brace accepts the forward ends of the upper links. The last design element is the use of R-Joint rod ends and spherical bearings at all link points. R-Joints offer high articulation, long wear resistance and quiet operation.

Here we are installing the new Unicradle Bolt-On 4-Link on Scott Brown’s beautiful 1981 Z28.  The car has been in Scott’s family since new. It now features a 700HP LSA and massive 335mm wide rear tires.  With so much horsepower and available traction, our math suggests that the new Unicradle Bolt-On 4-Link might be able to help Scott’s Z run sub-10 second elapsed times in the 1/4 mile — on air suspension.  We intend to find out.

Click HERE to learn more about Bolt-On 4-Link for 1970-1981 Camaro & Firebird – F-Body

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