This Soap-Box-Driving Hippie Can Out-drive You

This Soap-Box-Driving Hippie Can Out-drive You

Soap-box derbies have apparently advanced since I last gave one any thought. I remember straight down a hill, first one wins. This particular derby was sponsored by Red Bull, hosted in London, and featured a luge-style road course complete with jumps. And those jumps turned a hippy in a scale model of a VW Microbus into a driving hero.

You can tell from the start of the video that the cart is a little tail-happy and that a lot of input is needed to keep the contraption straight. He then tries (and fails) to clear a jump and loses the front left wheel, which does absolutely nothing to slow him down. He drives the thing on three wheels down to the next jump, where he finally rolls over and comes to a sliding stop.

Watch the video and see the skills that it takes to handle a real man’s soap box derby. Groovy!

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14 thoughts on “This Soap-Box-Driving Hippie Can Out-drive You

  1. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    Was probably faster, and suffered less damage, than an actual VW bus.

    1. GuitarSlinger

      Yeah yeah . Keep it up with the Bug Bus jokes . Just try and remember them when a Porsche or a PoloPorsche powered Bug Bus goes flying past your pig in a mud bog handling Muscle Car on the straights as well as the curves and especially in the Mts making you look like a gas sucking fool . I know I’ll be laughing ! And he who laughs last ……… 😉

      1. 75Duster

        Guitarslinger, since you obviously don’t like American muscle cars, why is it that you hang out and troll on this website?
        Isn’t there a website for dope smoking hippies with VW vans?

      2. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

        ” And he who laughs last ……”

        Is the last one to get the joke. 🙂

        As for a VW bus with ANY motor being that fast and handling that well;

        You owe me a keyboard due to the beer I just spit all over it from laughing.

  2. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Shades of ‘Postman Pat”!!! maybe put a motorcycle engine in this one too!!

  3. GuitarSlinger

    ” What a long strange trip its been ” Casey Jones not watching his speed on this one : being the Zen Master when potential disaster hit ! By the way . Trust me . There’s a lot of us so called ‘ Hippies ‘ that can out drive you in their sleep in cars you’d never believe could fly past you so quickly 😉

    1. 75Duster

      Is that when they put their bongs down that they can out drive us “in their sleep”?

  4. BadA##SuperBeetle

    I don’t own a bus…… But I would love to. I will say this. I have a 72 SuperB with a punched out and pi$$ed off Supercharged 2700cc motor that turns just under 500bwhp. I don’t smoke and I’m not a hippie. But for the $6000 I have sunk into my SuperB……. I seem to always leave the domestics at the line. I love muscle cars, but come on. It cost to much to push a boat down the track.

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