Someone Is Dropping A 1967 Firebird Convertible Body Onto A Prius Chassis – This Is Painful

Someone Is Dropping A 1967 Firebird Convertible Body Onto A Prius Chassis – This Is Painful

BangShifter Matt Cramer get the credit for sending us this link to a project where a guy has taken a really, really clean 1967 Firebird convertible (one of 15,528 made) and hacked it up in order to drape the thing over a Prius chassis complete with the Prius drivetrain. We kind of wish we were making this up but the photos tell the story. Hot rodding is many different things to many different people but the basic intent is to make the vehicle better. How does this make the Pontiac better in any fashion other than for fuel mileage? It certainly makes the thing vastly more complex, slower, and a living nightmare for a first responder when the roll up on the scene if it ever gets into an accident, but other than that…sweet!

The guy has every right to do what he is doing. He paid the money for the cars, he has the skills to pull off the job in his garage, and frankly it is a big undertaking. We begrudge him none of that but we do seriously get bummed to think that he had to start with a freaking first year Firebird convertible. We also have to wince when we think about what the wheel/tire situation is going to look like under this car. The small, ultra hard Prius stockers are meant for low rolling resistance and economy.  Ungh….that’s about all we can say.

There is going to be some serious metal work being done to tie this whole thing together, including a nine inch stretch of the nose. You can follow the whole build on the Ecomodder website at the link below. Take a deep breath before you of in there. We’re warning you.

Click here to see A 1967 Firebird Convertible Body Onto A Prius Chassis


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50 thoughts on “Someone Is Dropping A 1967 Firebird Convertible Body Onto A Prius Chassis – This Is Painful

  1. jerry z

    He has owned the ‘Bird since 1979 and yet it will be hacked into a hybrid. Sorry but this is sad on all levels.

  2. Wes

    It makes no sense. I read some of the guy’s posts by clicking the link and he says he was discouraged by the rusty floor pans, etc when trying to restore the Firebird………..So this is an easier solution???

  3. C1BAD66 Malibu

    At worst case, wouldn’t have replacing [even] all of the ‘Bird’s wiring harnesses made much more sense?

  4. Keith

    I make a motion to permantly revoke this guys mancard. Economod and Muscle Car should NEVER be used in the same garage!!

  5. Brendan M

    In next weeks article…. we feature a beautiful Chevelle, seamlessly mated to a tampon dispenser.

    1. mark weiland

      You bastard. I have a 69 SS 396 survivor that I can never look at the same way again.

  6. Rodney Slupe

    Really pisses me off to hear supposed hot rodders dissing someone who is by very definition “hot rodding: THEIR vehicle. I am glad to see that someone is taking hotrodding into the 21st century without worrying about hurting the feelings of a bunch of whiny little bitches!!!

    1. jerry z

      You can call it anything but hotrodding. Why would I want to modify a car to support less power? Granted it will get better gas mileage but that is what a Prius does, not a Firebird or other classic masquerading as one.

      If that’s being a whiney little bitch, quilty as charged.

    2. Dave H

      Hot Rodding has NEVER been about making a car slower or more fuel efficient. Is your real name Bruce Jenner?

  7. Anthony

    John Delorean is rolling in his grave. If he was putting it on a new Corvette chassis,that would be bitchin,this NO.

  8. ratpatrol66

    67 Firebird convertible=valuable!!!

    67 Firebird convertible hacked onto a Prius chassis=worthless!!!

  9. cool

    Im not mad about this guy turning this classic firebird into an econorod. Do I agree with his approach? HELL NO. I can think of (and probably accomplish in 1/2 the time) 10 better ways to mate that prius with that Firebird that doesn’t involve stretching the birds nose 9 inches, or cutting and gutting parts that. you. can. not. unfuck. In the end, its this guys car, money, time, and vision. I hope he has the skill to pull it off and not have it look like an abomination. The positive side of this is whats left of the remaining 15,528 built just became more valuable.

  10. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Why is this babbling, gibbering, drooling moron still drawing breath?

    This is even worse than putting an LS into a Ford – he should have put the Prius body onto the floorpan of the ‘Bird at least then he would have had a car with balls.

    Unlike him……

  11. ratty

    this is not hot rodding, this is cold rodding

    can we start a defundme account for him, or start a petition to have the work stopped? hah

    so wrong, so very wrong

  12. Dave H

    You can NOT use the term “Hot Rodding” and Prius in the same story. I would rather see the Firebird put out of it’s misery with explosives than to see this build. Words can not describe how STUPID this is!!!

  13. Dave

    I love this idea. There are lots of classic cars where I live and they smell terrible. How nice to have the good looks and good smell both.

  14. dirwood

    the funny thing is the eco nazis will still rattle can gas guzzler all over it in the parking lot, i would pay to see that…

  15. Jenny K

    This picture reminds me of my last trip to the gynecologist.

    It’s like the speculum of the car world.

  16. 3nine6

    Nothing worse than laughing so hard you pass cold Budweiser through the nose, but that’s what happened when I read Mike Brooks “The Bruce Jenner of all hot rod projects” comment… I was thinking about dropping a ’64 Impala body on an old 3 cylinder Geo Metro chassis myself.

  17. Jav343

    The cynic in me detests this. The optimist in me loves that it isn’t being done to a classic AMC or Chrysler product…

  18. Gump

    This is not 21st century, this is garbage. The crusher is a better fate than Prius power. 21st century is twin turbos and fuel injection with 6 gears of manliness. With the way our country is going we all will have to settle for the trash in order to have an old car.

  19. joebogey

    The funny part is most of the Prius efficiency come from it’s shape, so he not only ruined a ’67 Firebird, it’s not even going to be Eco-friendly with it’s new body shape. What a waste.

  20. cyclone03

    In life all things must remain balanced.
    This balances all the LSR Prius’ with Big Block Chevy power.

  21. Gerrit

    The fact that it never crossed his mind to put the Prius body on the Bird’s frame confirms Bill the Engineer is from another planet.

  22. scott

    if anyone know who this is and where —the right person needs to buy this mess away from this whiz kid and put the firebird back to stock original-then this tree hugging dick need to live on a dessert island with bernie sanders and hug each other for warmth-

  23. Brendon

    I actually feel bad for this guy. He went from driving a Firebird to a prius, make that 2 prii (his wife has one) and then made the conscious decision to put a third prius drivetrain in said Firebird. What kind of life traumatizing events would a person have to go through to lead that person from a Firebird to a prius, and then like them?

  24. Shawn

    If he happens to show it near me he won’t like my reaction. What a waste!!! Use a import for this kind of crap!!!

  25. Jason

    A ’64 Impala on a 3 Cyl Geo? It would take all 3 cyl just to run the impala’s A/C and power steering pump.

  26. Shannon Sykes

    The classic car lover part of me is screaming “NOOOO!!!!”, but the tinkerer in me is nodding and saying “very interesting.” I think the reason the tinkerer part of me is saying that is this guy has the knowledge and skill to pull it off. Hell, you can see how much homework he’s done in just the first few pages. Slow or not, it’s not going to be some slapped together, unsafe at any speed POS. It may not be hot rodding, but I would definitely call it car crafting. I do wish he’d do it with something other than a first-year Firebird ‘vert, but it’s his car and this is the USA. He’s free to do what he wants with it. But on a brighter note, he’s been selling the usable parts of both cars to live again elsewhere. I would also imagine he’s recycling the scrap also. I’ll be following this build with interest.

  27. BeaverMartin

    Please someone with money drop a twin turbo 455 Pontiac into the ass of a Prius. Balance must be restored to the force!

  28. chris

    This guy is a pioneer. Its only a car. I applaud him…one day when the government outlaws old cars, we will all wish we kept our classics to do the same thing. Not much different than a guy hacking the same car into a tube framed car.If you read the article , it wasn’t a ”clean ,clear car”.

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