Southeast Gassers Racing Gallery: Mountain Park Dragway Was Nuts!

Southeast Gassers Racing Gallery: Mountain Park Dragway Was Nuts!

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory)- Though the rain and winds swept in Saturday night ending the action, Quain had already stated the majority were staying to complete the show Sunday.  In addition, the bracket action was continued to the next day as well.  The crowd was really swelling Saturday before the weather soiled things and Sunday turnout was not as brisk, but that is racing (or any sporting event) and conditions delaying the action.  The rules for the Southeast Gassers has specifics for weight and cubic inch limits for each class.  There is a cutoff for ET in each class that will require scales and more to ensure the competitor is within the rules.  In addition this and the obligatory safety stuff there are appearance rules that detail everything from wheels, body height, to wheelie bars.  Quain’s goal is to have heads-up racing using rules he can police and cars that look the part.  For instance, competitors can have a high-side rev-limiter (to save the engine on a missed shift), but it should not be set to engage during a burnout or a run unless a shift is missed or something in the drivetrain gives way.  Shift lights are permissible, but should be hidden or incorporated in such a way that it doesn’t distract from the overall historic look of the car.  It might seem a bit picky (which I also thought), but after talking with Quain and several competitors and seeing the show…..the effort is worth it.  Pictures do not do it justice.   In this gallery we will bring you 6 more of the competitors including the Winners of Sunday’s eliminations.

A/Gas     Quick-n-Dirty ’39 Dodge business coupe handled by Tony Turner.  The 392 Hemi pushes power through a Hightower trans which puts the twist on a Ford 9” out back.

C/Gas     Freebird ’64 Chevy II sedan out of Roebuck, SC.  Jerry Birch mashes the gas on the 355ci SBC and hammers the shifter for the Hightower transmission sending the grunt to the 9” diff.

C/Gas     Gray Ghost ’63 Chevy II hardtop coming from Campobello, SC running a 434ci SBC, Hightower tranny, and 9” Ford.  Dean Harris is the wheelman.

C/gas      Pony Express ’65 Ford Mustang driven by Rick Cathcart out of Dandridge, TN.

C/Gas     Gassy Boy Chevy II hardtop fitted with a 427ci big-block Chevy and herded by David Cate.

A/Gas     Boogie Man ’63 Chevy II sedan handled by Chris Dunn of Anderson, SC.  Powered by a very potent SBC, this thing leaves the line crossed up on every pass and Chris’ solution is to have the wheel already pointed in the right direction when it comes down.  Wild.

Boogie Man won the A/Gas eliminations on Sunday and Freebird won the C/Gas.  Freebird also won the make-up final round, held during 2nd-rnd qualifying, from the previous event when that race was cancelled due to rain.


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  1. Scotty Gosson

    Thanks for running the pix guys. Southeast Gassers is such a great program. I hope it can go national without losing it’s focus. This is real drag racing.

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