Telling Video: Watch A Rally Crash Where The Co-Driver Was HANS Equipped and The Driver Wasn’t

Telling Video: Watch A Rally Crash Where The Co-Driver Was HANS Equipped and The Driver Wasn’t

Last week we ran a video that shows an unfortunate incident where a guy wrecked his car on the Nurburgring. It was not a race car but rather a high performance street car that he lost the handle on and stuffed. The guy was OK because of the modern safety standards maintained in the car, meaning the air bags, belts, crumple zones, etc. We did question the man’s logic about not wearing a HANS or similar device while racing his stuff, especially after seeing him nearly eat the dash. The airbag was a big held for him in that situation. Now we have this video.

Our pal Jan Phersson sent us this clip and it is pretty stunning. The wreck is not a spectacular end over end barreling disaster but rather a simple shunt where the rally car goes off course and noses into a ditch. The car stops abruptly and while it looks kind of rough from the outside, inside the car is a completely different story. The co-driver with his HANS device on seems nearly 100% unaffected by the whole thing. Fully strapped in with a harness, he doesn’t even seem to move. The driver is a completely different story. With nothing to protect his neck, the guy basically bashes his face off the wheel. The movement of his next is incredible quick and violent. It looks bad in real time and it looks REALLY BAD. In slow motion.

Here’s the bottom line. We don’t want to see anyone get hurt or worse in a wreck. HANS isn’t paying us for this story, we’re not trying to sell their product but we are trying to show you that it (or something similar) is well worth the money to protect you. You don’t have to be in a huge horsepower, 200mph car to get really hurt. It just takes one bad shot.

Press play to see the dramatic and shocking different between HANS and no HANS –

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