“Test” Video: Chris Harris Gets Cut Loose With The New Porsche GT3RS…After A Bit Of An Apology

“Test” Video: Chris Harris Gets Cut Loose With The New Porsche GT3RS…After A Bit Of An Apology

Right off the bat I’ll admit it: I could frankly care less about a Porsche. Don’t ask me why, it’s one of those odd things, like Brian’s hatred of the Ford Thunderbird, but most Porsches just elicit a mere shrug from me. If it’s not a 959 or prepared for rally, I’m moving on. But if you really want to capture my attention, seeing a Porsche actually get used like it was intended to be used will work out just fine, and that’s what we have here. Chris Harris takes his rounds with the new 991-platform GT3RS. If you want the technical statistics, watch the video, he will cover them. But if you want to know why you should watch the video, here goes: Besides Harris’s normally entertaining delivery, he’s tracking a lightweight Porsche that has rear-wheel steering. Watch the car as it goes tail-out and you will see the rear wheels at an angle while spinning in a slide. Harris’s driving skill is so top-notch that you don’t notice the shift when he brings the car back under control…or is that Porsche’s system working well enough that it isn’t noticeable?

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2 thoughts on ““Test” Video: Chris Harris Gets Cut Loose With The New Porsche GT3RS…After A Bit Of An Apology

  1. ColoradoKid

    Frankly McTaggert … I used to care a lot about Porsche . And when it comes to the older Porsches.. especially the ‘ Outlaw ‘ Porsches [ 356’s and 911’s ) I still do . But to be honest … though I know the new ones are better / faster / more reliable /comfortable/ more efficient etc ….

    … this latest iteration of the 911 in my opinion has lost all its soul and bores me to tears . Especially the watered down … slush box only … GT3

    Yet another example of the Tyranny of the Masses [ and VW-Audi’s excessive expectations for profit due to the rest of their empire losing money hand over foot ] ruining things for the enthusiasts .

    e.g. Fashion trumping Fun Factor .. regardless of the corporate propaganda that little shill posing as an Automotive Journalist Chris Harris may say

    PS; On that last note . Am I the only one noticing of late that across the board … from Print – to TV – to the Internet … that each and every new auto/motorcycle review has become almost a verbatim reiteration/regurgitation of the Manufactures sales script … with no real conclusions and definitely nothing resembling a personal opinion anywhere to be found ?

    Genuine Actual Car Reviews – Yet another victim of the current zeitgeist/world we live in 😉

    Well … that … and the fact that WE .. are no longer the customer . WE .. having become the commodity that Print/TV/Internet now sells TO the actual customer . The advertisers .

    re; ” Who pays for your subscription ? ” [email protected]

  2. sbg

    “you could care less” which means you care? I suspect that you couldn’t care less, or you’re completely out of microgiveashits when it comes to 918s…

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