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This Jaguar F-Type Will Be The Pace Car And Emergency Vehicle For The Bloodhound SSC

This Jaguar F-Type Will Be The Pace Car And Emergency Vehicle For The Bloodhound SSC

The Bloodhound SSC is being designed to max out at 1,000 MPH on land. And the team behind it is damn serious about that goal. But the team has to have support for when they run. A myriad of vehicles and people have to be present when the fires are lit and the engines are going, and Jaguar has been right there with assistance and support…part of which might be due to one of their 5.0L V8s being used to run the SSC’s hydraulic pumps and the rocket’s oxidizer pump. But now, Jaguar has announced that an F-Type R AWD will be the official pace car for the Bloodhound SSC, and it will also take on the role of the emergency contact vehicle. The F-Type was already used to test whether or not communications would be possible between the vehicles at testing speed, shown in the video below.

(Whitley, Coventry – 20 May 2015). Jaguar will unveil the F-TYPE R AWD Bloodhound SSC RRV at Coventry MotoFest – one of the cars that will support the Bloodhound world land speed record attempt.

The Bloodhound F-TYPE R is the latest project of Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations and is wrapped in a bespoke livery created by Jaguar Design incorporating the Bloodhound SSC colours.

This year’s MotorFest promises to be bigger than ever with a range of attractions and gigs. The organisers close off the Coventry ring road to public traffic in order to host a number of motorsport activities and the Bloodhound F-TYPE will be taking part in laps on Saturday May 30 and Sunday May 31. Jaguar will also be previewing its activities at the 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed – the theme of which this year is ‘Flat Out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge’ – by bringing along some of the most iconic cars from its rich heritage.

As Technical Partner of Bloodhound SSC, Jaguar is supplying engines, engineering expertise and a number of support vehicles for the attempt to break the world land speed record. The F-TYPE R AWD has already fulfilled a critical role in the development of the Bloodhound SSC with a communications test back in November 2014.

Fitted with the same radio equipment as the rocket powered Bloodhound SSC, the F-TYPE was driven head-to-head at top speed with a similarly equipped jet flown at 500 knots and just 20 feet above the ground. The combined closing speed of almost 700mph enabled the successful test of the system that will allow communications between the ground crew and Andy Green in Bloodhound SSC.

Joining the Bloodhound F-TYPE at MotoFest will be a star line-up of Jaguar heritage vehicles, including a 1956 D-type Long Nose and the stunning 1966 XJ13 – the only one of its kind in existence. A 1974 Group 44 E-type, a 1976 Broadspeed XJ12 Coupé and the 1988 Le Mans-winning XJR-9 will also see action over the weekend, while a 1938 SS 100 will be on static display to visitors.


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8 thoughts on “This Jaguar F-Type Will Be The Pace Car And Emergency Vehicle For The Bloodhound SSC

  1. john

    What can Jets and Jaguars prove that Marconi didn’t do 100 years ago??? Radios still work guys! Just an expensive ad/publicity stunt.

    1. CTX-SLPR

      1. In the US Tesla actually gets official credit for the wireless radio (just making a point)

      2. I think it’s testing the range of the radios since the Bloodhound is going to be covering a lot of ground and even with a good headstart will blow past the chase vehicle. I know the Bonneville guys already have to worry about radio range and there the course is much shorter than the territory these guys will be dealing with.

      1. BeaverMartin

        As a signal guy I just want to remind everyone that range is a function of power and antenna height. For FM my recommendation would be a aerial Retrans platform (blimp, helicopter, or slower fixed wing). Sorry I geek out on radios and stuff.

    2. ColoradoKid

      You got that one right . A blatant marketing exercise with no purpose other than publicity .

      Oh well … Jaguar’s getting desperate . Sales worldwide not quite living up to their minders .. TATA’s .. expectations .

      So expect more like this . Much more … until that is they finally blow their entire marketing budget with nothing to show for it .

      All bets ? Jaguar tanks .. TATA goes down with it …. in five years or less

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    At least the Jaguar exists unlike the bullshit powered toff-mobile that is Project Butthound!

    There’s as much chance of me running at 60mph as there is of those gobshite’s car ever touching the ground with its “virtual” wheels!

    Come on USA – break the record with a real car built by real people!

    1. ColoradoKid

      ” Come on USA – break the record with a real car built by real people! ”

      AfreakingMEN CHMG ! Hear Hear .. tell it like it is … and preach it brother … or should I say distant cousin in light of your place of birth !

      Said it many times myself . Can’t say I’ve ever said it better … and again .. a hearty freaking ….

      AMEN !!!

      Enough of allowing Blighty’s tax payers and Military machine to embarrass us on our own turf !

      1. Will66

        Bloodhound has no funding from British Government.

        Neither did Thrust SSC or Thrust 2. They broke the record on a budget minuscule compared to Craig Breedlove’s contemporary budget.

        1. Will66

          Actually it does have government funding. But it’s from the Army and the Air Force and their budgets have been slashed, I think it amounts to allowing serving personnel to work on the bloodhound project without losing leave.

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