The Feds Are Auctioning A 1991 Ferrari F40 RIGHT NOW – Got Half A Mill To Spare?

The Feds Are Auctioning A 1991 Ferrari F40 RIGHT NOW  – Got Half A Mill To Spare?

There are certain things in this world that seem to have a predestined outcome. None of those things lead to good outcomes, mind you. Getting into heavy drugs normally ends badly, getting onto the wrong side of the law usually ends badly, and defrauding the federal government out of millions of dollars lands you in a pile of not good.

Such was the case of one Richard Scott, a guy who owned and operated parking lots around LA and somehow managed to get caught and plead guilty to defrauding the US Dept of Veterans Affairs out of 13-million bucks. The US Marshalls are auctioning off his car collection which includes plenty of muscle cars, old Corvettes, and one really notable machine, the 1991 Ferrari F40 that was restored by the Gas Monkey Garage guys on the TV show Fast N’ Loud.

We’re not Ferrari experts here but we do know that they are no longer making Ferrari F40s anymore and that even though this one has been crashed it is probably worth a pile of dough. Right now the bidding is at $503,000. The auction runs for about another week before it gets closed. If it does not sell, we have zero idea what happens. We are guessing this is a no reserve type auction so SOMEONE will own this thing.

Looks clean to us!

F40 Auction: Here’s the spot to check the bidding on the Ferrari F40

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11 thoughts on “The Feds Are Auctioning A 1991 Ferrari F40 RIGHT NOW – Got Half A Mill To Spare?

  1. Bill Butte

    This would make the perfect doorstop for my man cave that has the RO23 Hemi Plymouth coffee table with the 3 deuce Cleveland intake center piece! Yeah!!

  2. Matt

    That’s the pile that that Gas Monkey rebuilt on Fast N Loud show, and already had a salvage title on it. If I had the coin I would pass on this one and get something else.

    1. Daniel Stoltz

      But with the salvage title I would not be afraid to thrash this thing within an inch of its life. But it still is too rich for my blood.

    2. Barrrf

      Yeah, and if you watched the show, you saw where Aaron couldnt get the pedal assembly to fit so he just beat in the firewall. Lets not take the time to do it right, lets just get the big hammer out.,

  3. RockJustRock

    Dumb rich guy buys dumb car from dumb rich guys then gets busted doing something REALLY dumb to get and stay rich.

  4. bob

    They should take every God damn thing he owns right down to the clothes he is wearing. Give him the chair I say.

  5. Danno

    I am nit a Ferrari guy by any stretch but I know that the F40 is one of the most highly sought newer super cars. Unfortunately this car is not one that serious car buyers would want. As noted by others it was crashed and given a salvage title and then “repaired” by the GMG idiots who didn’t know anything about repairing high end exotic cars. To make matters worse they then “customized” the car lowering the value even further. I am honestly amazed that anyone would pay 1/2 million for this pile.

  6. Dick Fitzwell

    Remember in the first season how they patched a rotten frame together and sold the car? “Restored” lol ok

  7. Bill Butte

    I agree the GMG guy are idiots but even more idiotic are the ones who GMG made their money off of……

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