Your Wildest Dreams: This 1978 Sales Video Is Pitching The Incredible Vince Granatelli Turbine Powered Corvette

Your Wildest Dreams: This 1978 Sales Video Is Pitching The Incredible Vince Granatelli Turbine Powered Corvette

This is AWESOME. In the 1970s Vince Granatelli dreamed up and worked with a load of people to create one of the most wild street going cars ever and certainly the most insane thing on the road in the late 1970s. Many of you have likely heard of the turbine powered C3 Corvette that came out of this project but like us, you had probably never seen or heard it in action, especially in the period when it was brand new. This thing was claimed to have 1,000hp ad while we think that could be a little on the optimistic side, it is clear that this Corvette was a destroyer for the era. There’s drag strip footage of the car and it is both annihilating the tires most of the way down the track AND pulling like a nuclear powered freight train.

The completeness of this video is what makes it. Professional shot, voiced over, and edited, it is not some schlocky home movie project. Why did they make this thing? To brag on their accomplishment? To publicize the car and its capabilities to the world? Well, kinda sorta. They made the video to sell the car. The asking price in late 1970s/early 1980s dollars? $750,000. Seriously. That was money that we’re guessing no one had ever paid for a car at that point, especially a one off freak show like this.

The car still runs, drives, and exists today. There doesn’t seem to have been any sort of plan to bring these things to mass market. Rather this was a one-off from the start. A way to prove a theory while building the fastest road legal car in the world. It was claimed that this car would accelerate from 0-the “legal speed limit” in less than 3 seconds. When performance cars had 150hp this was some Buck Rogers level stuff.

An incredible car in its element. This is BangShifty!

Press play below to see the best video ever about the Vince Granatelli turbine ‘Vette

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5 thoughts on “Your Wildest Dreams: This 1978 Sales Video Is Pitching The Incredible Vince Granatelli Turbine Powered Corvette

  1. Danno

    Wow, my hats off to the Granatellis for creating this amazing piece of technology! I did have to chuckle when they claimed that it would ”outperform any super car”. Out accelerate? Almost certainly so. Out corner or out brake with 1950’s-60’s C3 Corvette suspension and brakes? Uh, I don’t think so Tim. A car that could accelerate that quickly without decent brakes or suspension had to be a scary piece if pushed. Regardless it was very cool to see, and especially hear the car whooshing it’s way down the streets. Wondering where the car is today and who owns it?

  2. Danno

    Did a Google search on the car and uncovered some interesting additional information. The car apparently is owned by the a guy who also owns the famous 1960’s turbine powered Indy car. He attempted to sell them both in 2015 at Barrett-Jackson but the reserve was not met.

    It appears the corvette was outfitted with NASCAR style 4 wheel disc brakes and a beefed up Turbo 400 trans. The car accelerates to 60 mph without touching the accelerator! The accelerator is only used on the freeway and when at the track. The massive brakes are needed to control the speed. The higher than normal ride height is due to the oversized box style exhaust that runs under the car.

    1. HotRodPop

      Not really. That was 1978, after all, and a hell of an engineering feat, even by today’s standards. Can’t even imagine what his Indy efforts cost, and that was probably easier, ’cause they scratch built the frame around the turbine engine, formed up a body around that, and went racing, but probably a mil or two at the very least. Would definitely like to see the car today. We’ll never see a breed like Andy, AJ, and still kickin’ Mario again, unfortunately!

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