The World’s Coolest Fiero Is For Sale – LS3 Swap and a Six Speed

The World’s Coolest Fiero Is For Sale – LS3 Swap and a Six Speed

The world’s coolest Fiero is for sale. That’s not an opinion on the “world’s coolest part” either. With a surgically clean LS3 swap, a six speed manual transmission, and absolutely perfection paint and interior, this thing is ridiculously cool in every respect. Amazingly the sale price is super reasonable as well. The guy is asking $13,900 for the car as it sits, which is peanuts when you consider what that dude has in it in parts, time, and sheer frustration to make it all work. Oh, and John Force has sat in it, so there’s that too.

If there is one part of the whole program that may be slightly on the touchy side it would be the GM F40 manual transmission that is in the car. It is a solid piece and it has been refined over the years but it is definitely not known for its ability to hang onto the torque of an Ls3 engine. From the factory they were rated for like 290 lb/ft or something of that nature. So what does that mean? 8,000 clutch dumps would likely be a bad idea in the car and power shifting the thing on a prepared strip may lead to you getting your hands dirty but the reality is that you’ll be able to have a lifetime of fun in this sucker if you just drive it like a human being and not like you are trying to punish it every moment of every day.

This looks to be an amazingly well built car and something that we’d kill to get our hands on for a few days. For less than $15,000 someone is going to have the time of their life! This was about a 90hp car when new. Now? 430 of them. Yeah buddy!

Craigslist Link: The World’s Coolest Fiero Is For Sale – LS3 Swap and a Six Speed

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13 thoughts on “The World’s Coolest Fiero Is For Sale – LS3 Swap and a Six Speed

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    The LS really makes me laugh – a motor from a major manufacturer that still uses overhead valves. That’s how backward Chevy is and also how backward LS lovers are!

    1. nada

      So… what modern flathead engine do you recommend?

      Since you don’t like overhead valves – I guess that means that you use a flathead engine in your Reliant Robin.

      I even think that Ford bitch-engine you always keep nagging about have overhead valves.

      1. Loren

        As a young lad the easily-confused but mechanically-inclined CHMG was fascinated by mile-long conveyor belts, probably while visiting the beer-bottling plant in some dingy village, and to this day feels that for a item to best fit his taste it should either come off or be out at the end of one. Including camshafts. Meanwhile gimme a tucked-in single-stick V8 that actually fits under the hood of a Corvette or anywhere in that Fiero, and LS motors kick ass.

    2. C1BAD66 Malibu

      CHMG, your GM hate-posts are annoying.

      Take a chill pill.

      Do you ever own a high-performance ride? I’m envisioning a rusted-out 4-door Cortina.

    3. Big Dawg

      Chevy Hatin’ Mad Geordie is still fuming because he got his ass handed to him by that dinosaur of an engine. It’s ok little fella, better luck next time on not getting beat by the LS.

    4. Ron

      Lol retard comment of the year right there. All engines now a days are “overhead valve” including modular motors if you are referring to overhead cam that’s totally different. And your point is still retarded. Chevy has pretty much perfected the pushrod V8. Why would they walk away from it now. Took Ford 15 years to finally catch back up to them after they went to the modular motors.

    5. Tom Hicks

      With all the cost and work to keep an OHC engine running , I\’ll take the pushrod engine any day !!! Oh and out of curiosity, are you refering to outdated flat head engines that have been out of production since the early 60\’s ???

  2. Pontiac drag racer

    It’s a nice job. Car looks great! My only gripe is the car itself. Having worked at a Pontiac dealership for many years, we found the Fiero light in the front end. That made hard braking a thrill sometimes as the car slid too easily. Pushed hard into the corners, it also could be a challenge. I’m thinking the additional weight in the rear would amplify these issues. The 2.8 V-6 they came with would be a better choice with a turbo to aid in power output. The transmission could still be a weak link. I don’t think the V-6 would provide the torque to break the transmission so easily and still have lots of punch as the revs picked up. Overall here with this modification… it’ll be a blast to drive straight ahead! There will be no problem merging even into San Antonio’s crazy rude drivers.

    1. Crazy

      The ls is The same weight as the 2.8v6 and with the battery up front under spare tire, and a few other things that get moved forward with this type swap, the front gets the needed extra weight. Just moving the battery in mine made a huge difference in front tire grip. As for Lohnes remark about the f40 being weak, they have been swapped into this cars with 600+hp and beat on and do just fine..
      He should stick to his fake drama show “put up or shut up,” where two drivers with no beef will get one for a show drama..

  3. Bill Ballon

    When I saw this Fiero, I had to buy it. So I will be the new owner, and I\’m looking forward to owning this extraordinary Fiero. I have wanted to build one for some time, but this car was done right, and it would cost at least twice as much as the selling price to build this car.

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