Freakishly Rare: There’s A 1982 Ford Durango For Sale In Michigan – Super Clean And Nice!

Freakishly Rare: There’s A 1982 Ford Durango For Sale In Michigan – Super Clean And Nice!

We have talked about the weirdly small production 1979-1982 Ford Durango here before but rarely have we seen on of the little trucklets for sale on the open market. This is one of just about 200 Durangos made as part of a joint venture between Ford and National Coach Works in California. Kind of made as a real-life trial balloon to see if anyone wanted a new generation Ranchero, they were not marketed, they were barely sold, and then they just kind of disappeared.

When Chevy shrunk the El Camino and had success with it on the G-body platform, Ford obviously noticed and considered doing the same thing on the FOX chassis with their mid-size cars. The prototype was made from a Mercury but the actual production models were made out of the Fairmont Futura models. Why? Look at the rear pillar on them and you’ll understand quick. They were seemingly ready made for this conversion and it looks as good as it can for a car that was not completely re-designed but rather chopped up.

The cargo area is fiberglass, the tailgate is awesome because the brake lights and all are still in it, the engine was a 200ci inliner and that was the only option, and we are guessing most of them were this epically late 1970s color scheme as well.

This one wears a Tasca Ford badge on the rear. We’re not sure if it was sold at Tasca or that came later, but it is pretty cool. The interior is worn but not badly, the seat can be fixed, and overall this thing looks like it was old man owned and cared for over the span of its life.

Now. $12,500? That’s the only questionable part of this whole program to us.

(Thanks to Joe Jolly for the tip on this interesting little trar!)

CL link: This 1982 Ford Durango is one of only about 200 ever made – ultra rare!

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7 thoughts on “Freakishly Rare: There’s A 1982 Ford Durango For Sale In Michigan – Super Clean And Nice!

  1. Starterguy

    Lack of an actual tailgate is a deal killer although the concept is cool. I actually contemplated combining a Futura hardtop and a wagon together to build one. I think overall it doesn’t look that bad and could have sold.

    1. Jason P

      They did have an operable tailgate, albeit driving with it down might be an issue since it was the entire width of the car and incorporated the taillights as well. Look at the side view and you can see the body seam just ahead of the tailgate. I have seen one of these in the flesh a few years ago at a rod run in Pigeon Forge. It was quite a treat to actually see one up close.

  2. Steve Hammann

    I bought a 1980 Ford Fairmont 2 door Coupe brand new that exact same color scheme. It was such a P.O.S. I had to trade it off with 28,000 miles on the odo. The only Ford I ever or will own again.

  3. Ted

    I’m with Not him on this one, if this was local and around 5K CDN it’d be in my yard and getting a Mustang GT drivetrain transplant. Rarity aside does the market for this at 12K exist?

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