This 1938 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet Could Be The Classiest Resto-Mod We Have Ever Seen – V8 Power!

This 1938 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet Could Be The Classiest Resto-Mod We Have Ever Seen – V8 Power!

If I counted the number of times I had ever thought about a 1938 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet before this moment it would be a nice round number…zero. That’s the beauty of this whole car thing. Just when you think you have “seen it all” something else jumps up and kind of takes your breath away. At least this one did mine. Why?  For starters, this is a real beauty of a car. While things in Germany were not moving in the right direction in 1938, things at BMW clearly were. The lines of this car are beautiful and for a cabriolet style car that is even more awesome. The shape of the folding roof has a nice gentle curve in it that must have been tough to achieve and manufacture in pre-WWII times.

The original engine in the car was a 55hp inline six. The current engine in the car is a ZZ4 350 that is topped with a TPI factory style induction and injection system. Normally we’d kind of be let down by that fact but we actually love it. The engine has been in the car for about 20 years apparently and it was installed with real care and professionalism. The installation of the odd steering column is kind of gawky but we’re guessing 99 out of 100 people would walk right by and not see that. The steering column deal could be remedied by any number of cleaner available solutions today.

The exhaust is cool and we’re guessing that the car has a nice rumble out of the side exit pipes, the wheels are wider than stock and have 225 rubber on the corners, the automatic transmission must be convenient, and the whole thing just looks so great we’d practically live in the driver’s seat.

As you may expect, the buy in on this thing is pretty steep. Asking price is $115,000 and that’s probably not something that has a lot of wiggle room in it. The purists will say that the owners have killed the thing but we think they have kept the soul of the beautiful machine and simply made it a great driver.

Keep the expensive mustard jokes to yourself, we dig this one!

Check out the photos below and then hit the link for the full ad! This car is awesome –

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eBay link: The full ad for this resto-mod 1938 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet

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7 thoughts on “This 1938 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet Could Be The Classiest Resto-Mod We Have Ever Seen – V8 Power!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yet again an engine swap with little imagination. BMW have been producing some fine V8s since the 1950s and surely one could have been found for this absolute beauty. As the original V8 would have been hard to source, a later 4 litre motor could have slotted straight in and in M form would have produced more horsepower than the usual hunka Chevy shit!

    1. Matt Cramer

      I must say I was a little disappointed not to see something like an S62 under the hood myself. The bodywork and fabrication are great, but putting a wild late model BMW drivetrain in it would have taken it to the next level.

  2. Arild Guldbrandsen

    Im with you on this one Brian..loooks great with some wider wheels and lowering!!.And i would have preferred a BMW V8 under the bonnet,but i cant see that engine when i drive ;).I would probably let it sit there.

  3. jerry z

    Since the V8 install happened 20 yrs ago, surprised they did put in a LT1. I still like the car though.

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