This 1970 Dodge D100 May Be The Neatest Pickup Truck We’ve Seen – Awesome In Every Way

This 1970 Dodge D100 May Be The Neatest Pickup Truck We’ve Seen – Awesome In Every Way

There was flood of words that come to the tip of my tongue when I saw this truck and none of them are printable. I unabashedly love every inch of this rig and what’s even better than the looks is the fact that the guy who built it drives it daily like a Honda and the fact he built it with a plan makes it even better. Built by a race car builder/fabricator named Mark May the truck was basically inspired by today’s NASCAR trucks but was built as thought it would have been decades ago.

The’s a Camaro front frame stub up front, a 360ci Chrysler wedge engine with a big cam and a single four barrel on the top, a quick change rear end out back, AFCO shocks on the corners, wide five wheels, a pretty awesome “cage” with wing out bars, weight jacks on the corners like an actual stock car, and big brakes as well to round out the package.

The absolutely brutal stance of the truck is not achieved through air bags or other wizardry. It sits and drives like this, reinforcing the race truck look and theme. We’re guessing that ride quality isn’t exactly Cadillac quality but if the dude daily drove or still daily drives this thing it cannot be all that bad. The profile shot of the truck below is what slays me the hardest. It looks ready to hit a short track like right now. The wheels, the stickers, the tribute to Dave Marcis with the big #2 on the side, and that spoiler at the end of the bed really spin my crank.

The price for all this fun? A cool $50,000. Think that’s too much? Buy the next one that you see come up for sale like this. We’re guessing the wait with be damned long! Hate away, but this thing is BangShifty as hell!

Check out the photos and then hit the link at the bottom – 1970 Dodge D100 – wow!

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7 thoughts on “This 1970 Dodge D100 May Be The Neatest Pickup Truck We’ve Seen – Awesome In Every Way

    1. Hotrodcharlie

      Wide five hubs do not fit Camaro spindles, this obviously has Sweet or other race spindles on it.

  1. catfishmoon

    As a Dodge “Sweptline” owner and lover. I have a few of this model truck . I’m really glad it has a Mopar engine in it . not the typical SBC it does have the frame for a direct fit for that .I see it even has AC . As for the truck itself . The only people that will care about what I’m gona say are 61 to 71 Dodge truck fans . The truck may very well be a 70. The door handles say it is . But it has a pretty rare 61 or 62 grill and headlights .The only thing that Dodge changed on these trucks in 10 years was the grill set up . Door handles . Some outside trim . And dash . Body work was the same for 10 yrs. I’m sure all the Chevy guys are gona pick it apart . They all like the cheap and easy way of being cool . It takes some work to make a Sweptline cool . Mopars rule . Just remember one thing . The guys with all the big money to make all the big horse power . All of them use one type of engine,anyone ?anyone ?Yep the ones with the sparkplugs in the valve cover . They can say what they want about what type of engine they are using . But when the distributor is on the pass. side sticking out at an angle . That tells the tail . Sorry Ford and Chevy guys. This truck is very cool . Now lets see a GM and Ford like this . But $50k who comes up with these numbers . Like I said though .Mopars Rule.

  2. Mike Mitchell

    Was my old truck for about 6 months. Hell yes I drove it every day. Was a good running and driving truck. Loved it was all mopar besides front clip. It has some old wore out heads on it when I bought it. I put some x heads with 2.08/160 valves. Traded a ss 454 truck for it I had $5600 in…. I traded it for a 29 model A….

  3. Stewzer55

    Camaro front clip or I beam axle, Mopar front clip would have been trickier to deal with thanks to torsion bars and then there’s the availability, Very cool setup. -A GM guy.

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