This Turbocharged Slant Six 1975 Duster Is The Stuff BangShifty Dreams Are Made Of

This Turbocharged Slant Six 1975 Duster Is The Stuff BangShifty Dreams Are Made Of

When I clicked the link that Dave Sanborn sent along featuring this turbocharged slant six 1975 Duster I made noises. I don’t normally do that but in this case I did. The car is immaculate, the work on the engine is beautiful and the whole thing has this surgically clean and cool feel that we cannot help but love it. This is probably the only 1975 Duster in the known universe that we’d actually consider paying $14,500 for and we’re sure that most of you are on the same page as us there.

Externally the car looks to be an absolutely perfect factory restoration and that’s where the fun starts. The intercooled, turbocharged, slant six mill may not make enormous power but we bet that the car goes down the road nicely and has enough zip to freak people out when they try to squirt ahead at intersections or on the highway.

The seller claims he is getting rid of it to thin his personal herd and when you look at some of the photos it looks like the dude has some nice stuff. We think that this car is brilliant in every way and we bet the ad will be gone soon so we’re going to share the text here. Hit the link at the bottom of the page for a ton more photos –

Here’s what the ad says:¬†

Up for sale is my personal vehicle I’ve owned for well over a decade. This Duster was purchased from the original owner with a whopping 17k on the odometer. It now has just over 50k and runs, drives, turns and brakes better than new. The car is unrestored and has all of its original drivetrain. The motor is now turbocharged and intercooled and runs like and absolute champ. Come take a look, you will not be disappointed. I’m not really interested in trades, I’m thinning out my collection.

$14500.00 or VERY close to it. If you think that’s to much money for this unrestored, low milage, rust free, classic than I wish you the best of luck in finding another one in the same condition as this for less…

Check the photos of this awesome Turbocharged Slant Six 1975 Duster and the link

duster1 duster2 duster3 duster4 duster5 duster6


Click here for the CL ad featuring this turbocharged 1975 slant six Duster

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8 thoughts on “This Turbocharged Slant Six 1975 Duster Is The Stuff BangShifty Dreams Are Made Of

  1. jerry z

    That is one of the cleanest Dusters I have ever seen. Nice car! Wonder how much power its putting to the ground?

  2. Dabidoh Sambone

    (Dave Sanborn) For an immaculate Duster this price would be do-able though overly high. But set up like this it becomes quite reasonable – and five years from now this price will look like a giveaway. I love modified non-performance engines, and this is the epitome of that. I’m wondering if this is a blow-through (pressurized) carburetor setup of if he figured out how to use throttle bodies…

  3. Gump

    $9500 sounds more reasonable. It is really nice, and would love to cruise it. The only things is would be good for is screaming small block swap, or a lot more boost on the /6.

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