The ToyoHog Is A Hacked Together Harley Powered Prius That Is Genius! It Is For Sale And We Have Video

The ToyoHog Is A Hacked Together Harley Powered Prius That Is Genius! It Is For Sale And We Have Video

There’s something that makes our little hearts jump for joy when we see a Prius modified in ways that would make the happy shiny people in their lame ass TV ads weep. You can imagine our unbridled joy when we (a) learned that someone had actually ripped a Prius apart and installed a Harley V-Twin engine in the front of it for power (b) raced the thing and (c) is selling it to the next sick and twisted person that wants to scare children and make the guys over at Tree Huggers Anonymous pee in their corduroys. The ToyoHog is a lot of things but pretty isn’t one of them and fast isn’t one of them either. That doesn’t make it any less cool. The car was built to compete in the 24 Hours of Lemons, which it has done and survived the journey. It is not currently running because after swapping the clutch the current owner cannot get it to start again and now he’s done with it. Sounds like something the local Harley dealer could handle, or you could always bring it into the Toyota service department…right?

The ad is funny as you’d expect. Here’s an excerpt of the seller being very honest about what the car is:

  • 2 Cylinder air-cooled engine with rock-and-stick technology that replaces the overly-complicated crap that Toyota spent bazillions of dollars and dozens of years designing and I spent a couple hours with a 10mm wrench and some wire cutters undoing.
  • 4-speed manual non-syncronized transmission with push/pull sequential shift replaces that electro-mechanical slushbox that Toyota calls a “transmission”
  • Points ignition: Because it either works or it doesn’t. Spend your OBD-scanner and volt-meter budget on beer instead.
  • 1.75x.095 DOM custom-fitted rollcage with “NASCAR-style” driver’s doorbar, and “FIA bars” for additional A-pillar reinforcement. Allegedly this is what you get when you bring your Prius in for the “unintended acceleration” recall**, but I can’t swear to that.
  • Unmuffled, straight-though big bore exhaust designed by Basset, because loud pipes save lives and you’ll need to drown out the sound of the Earth crying every time to stomp the throttle that controls your S&S “bug-sprayer” carburetor.
  • Oh yea, the throttle: The pedal comes from a 1960s Austin Mini Cooper because I don’t trust that “drive by wire” nonsense (see aforementioned “unintended acceleration recall”)
  • While we’re on the subject of pedals: The clutch pedal is a totally bad-ass chrome job and the cable was replaced in Dec 2013. Some call the pedal a “finger lever”. Whatever.
  • Kill Switch: In case removing all of the Toyota electronics, drivetrain, interior, and soullessness wasn’t enough to exorcise the factory glitches. It’s a total CYA move.
  • Side view mirror “handlebar whips”: Because that’s how you roll.
  • Sissy bar: It is a Prius, after all.

There’s a lot more where that came from in the ad, so it is totally worth a read. As the seller mentioned, the roll cage is pretty nice looking and whoever did that job seems to have known what they were doing. The fact that the motor is hanging half (or 3/4) out of the hood is totally flipping awesome and it is like a pair of middle fingers announcing their presence to the world. The seller claims that the car is street legal. We can’t see any real reason why it wouldn’t be although in any state with emissions testing we think you’ll be boned. That being said, registering this thing in Michigan and then going out on a road trip in it to some hippy dippy event would be all time. Imagine the tears!

We could go on and on but instead we’ll tell you to look at the photos, watch the video and click the ad link to see the true genius of the ToyoHog!


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eBay Link: The ToyoHog Harley Powered Prius                        VIDEO BELOW

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8 thoughts on “The ToyoHog Is A Hacked Together Harley Powered Prius That Is Genius! It Is For Sale And We Have Video

  1. Norse

    Between what few Toyota parts that are left and the Harley engine, fixing it shouldn’t be too hard. There are probably as many Harley dealerships and independent shops in the US as Toyota dealerships.
    If it were truly street legal in California (I noticed it has a CA plate, but that does not mean it’s currently street legal), it would be worth building a copy of it. I am sure near dead first/second model year Prius’ are starting to show up on the market for cheap.

  2. Pizzandoughnuts

    This car is freakin’ awesome!!! Who would have thought to put (i think it’s a pan-head, I maybe wrong) in a Prius. It would be a great go-kart for the kids, I think I would take it to a car show just for total kicks.

  3. moparpoor

    I frickin hate Prius’s and junk Hybrids, this makes me smile almost as much as when Roadkill ran over one with an army tank and killed it.

  4. moparpoor

    Look it up its the 24 hours lemon races instead of 24 Hours of Lemans, your are suppose to race junk, I havent read about it lately but they used have classes were the cars were supposed to be $500. cars, you can find videos of the racing on u-tube.

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