Check Out Some Of The More Unconventional Vehicles To Fly Around The Nurburgring!

Check Out Some Of The More Unconventional Vehicles To Fly Around The Nurburgring!

The beauty of the Nurburgring Nordschliefe is that anybody can pay to drive on the track during certain days of the year. This means that as long as you’re a legal driver and your car isn’t a deathtrap waiting to explode, you too can take a run on the Green Hell. What would you take if you could go? I’d personally flip a coin between a C7 Corvette and a SRT 392 Challenger with a six-speed, but that’s just me personally. Would you take a 1970s Chevy Suburban? No…how about a Volkswagen bus? Too small, you say? Fine, then…how about a legitimate tour bus…no pansy little thing but the real deal? It’s here, from the slightly strange (a BMW with a fully-loaded bike rack) to the seriously slow (a moped) to the vehicles that left onlookers amazed at what they saw. Seriously, how many times would you expect to see a Fiat Ducato delivery van mixing it up with a Opel Vivaro delivery van on the Nordschliefe?

(Courtesy: CarThrottle)

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7 thoughts on “Check Out Some Of The More Unconventional Vehicles To Fly Around The Nurburgring!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie


    I was too stunned with boredom to make any comment for a minute!

    The Nurburgring should be a tad more selective concerning what is actually fit to use the circuit. Because with such slow and unstable vehicles mixing it with track tuned supecars and the like its a fatal accident waiting to happen – remember the disaster at Le Mans 19955 which was caused by slow cars mixing it with fast ones.

    Or are the circuit owners more interested in profits than safety?

  2. Arild Guldbrandsen

    This is what makes Nurburgring such a good thing..its for everybody.We went there last summer,and such a variety of vehicles makes lots of things to look at..after all,there are track days there,where the professional amateurs can wrestle it out.

  3. Martin D

    The ‘ring is a one way public toll road, so anybody with any road legal vehicle can go on it when it is open (a tourist day) if they pay the toll, as Arild said, it’s what makes it even more special.

  4. Randy H

    what are the chances it was a BangShift member who sold the cool suburban to the guy in Germany?

    Its been a few years since that suburban was in my driveway!

  5. Randy H

    Suburban was originally from Colorado then to Arizona.

    A few pics taken before it went to Germany


  6. Matt Cramer

    If taking something insanely fast on the Nurburgring wasn’t in the budget, I’d probably want to take something loopy on it too. I’d rather say I drove the ‘Ring in a Citroen AMI6 than a rental VW Rabbit…

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