Unveiled: The 2019 Australia Supercars Championship Mustang

Unveiled: The 2019 Australia Supercars Championship Mustang

Um…consider this a consolation prize? Watching the Australian motor industry collapse was one of the worst things we’ve seen. Factories closed, storied car lines came to a bitter end, and now it’s a matter of what the parent company will and won’t import into Australia. Holden fans aren’t interested in the newest Commodore (you know it as the Buick Regal here in the States and the Opel Insignia elsewhere), finding a V6-powered front or all-wheel-driver a bit off-putting. At least Ford has been willing to acknowledge the power of the V8 and has brought the Mustang to play with the Chrysler 300 SRT that Australians get…that we don’t. Hm.

One question we had was how the Supercar racing series was going to exist with Ford Australia and Holden more or less turning into importers. Falcons and Commodores of old battled it out for decades…what happens now? Well, for Ford Australia, the Mustang happens. Six cars will be fielded by three teams for the 2019 series of the Australia Supercars Championship. 23Red Racing will have one, Shell V-Power Racing will have two, and Tickford Racing Mustangs will have the other half of the fleet.

If the body doesn’t quite look right for a Mustang, good eyes…it’s been modified a bit to work with the confines of the shared chassis among the Supercars. The roof height has been increased for the rollcage, the car has been lengthened (look at the doors) and then, there’s that wing. The 5.0L V8 used in the previous Falcon racers will be under the hoods. The cars will debut for battle at the Adelaide 500, which kicks off on February 29th, 2019.

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