Vintage Road Test Video: The 1968 Hurst Olds

Vintage Road Test Video: The 1968 Hurst Olds

We’ve dug up several vintage road test videos from the classic television show, “Car and Track” during our time on the blog, but this one may be the coolest. The 1968 Hurst Olds was an awesome car and today commands insane money on the market. This video shows one being thrashed by Jack “Doc” Watson of Hurst fame. Watson was responsible for cars like the Hemi Under Glass and you’ll hear him elude to a new project that Hurst was working on at the time. Can you say Hemi Darts and Barracudas?

As much as we love seeing these cars fry the hides in straight line action, watching them plow through the corners while host Bud Lindemann describes their wallowing performance as being “agile as a bobcat” is priceless.¬†Jack Watson is a rodding hero and he had his hands in so many epic cars over the years it is neat to see him in this video.

Car and Track was the first national car review and racing show that America had. It was on from the late 1960s into the mid 1970s and each week they would visit a race and then thrash on a new car. It had to have been freaking awesome to be the test driver. Each week you got the keys to the hairiest, baddest Detroit iron rolling out of the plant. Since press cars were often cheated up during that era, you not only got the cool muscle car. You got the one tuned to the max by factory engineers!



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4 thoughts on “Vintage Road Test Video: The 1968 Hurst Olds

  1. MGBChuck

    When I was a little kid I tried to talk my older brother into getting one of these, he got a L-78, 4-speed Chevelle instead, I’m thinking the Chevelle was faster and he wanted a stick. This is a cool video of a completely different time in America.

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