Violent Valiant Video: See And Hear The Car Cruise, Corner, And Wail

Violent Valiant Video: See And Hear The Car Cruise, Corner, And Wail

It was a thrash to the final minute but Kevin, Chad, and the crew from Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle got the job done before the 2014 SEMA show a couple months back. After SEMA, rather than loading up and going home the Kevin, Chad, Nate Tovey and a couple other maniacs hopped into the Valiant and the Craftsman Tools Comet that Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle also built for the “six speeds to Scottsdale” tour where they went on an awesome desert road trip to Scottsdale, Arizona for the final Goodguys show of the year.

This video was made on that trip. You’ll see some awesome desert cruising scenes, some great footage of the car being wailed on at the autocross and most importantly you will hear exactly what that big stroker Chrysler wedge sounds like with its Hilborn EFI feeding the fires inside. We talked to Kevin during and after the trip and everything went great. The car, which was just finished worked right and delivered nearly 20mpg while cruising on the highway in high gear with the EFI doing the fuel metering. There may be more there still, who knows.

It was a pleasure following the Violent Valiant build on BangShift and this video shows just how good the whole thing turned out.


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9 thoughts on “Violent Valiant Video: See And Hear The Car Cruise, Corner, And Wail

  1. Gary Smrtic

    You’d thin VFN would build a decnet hood for the damned thing that would shake like that one was. So these guys will probably add hood pins. How sad. A good composite hood is stronger, lighter, and stiffer than crap like that one. The rest of the car is a super nice build, but lest’s face it, the “Valient” part of it is nothing more than a paint carrier.

    1. Kevin Tully

      I remember you from previous comments. Actually, it’s race weight. As in about 7 lbs. And the fault of the hood dancing is my own. I should have added center pins, as anything over 120+ makes the hood dance in the middle.

      As far as paint carrier, care to put your money where your mouth is?

  2. ram50boosted

    yes gary I agree totally, that hood danced around much more than I would expect. time for a composite hood.

  3. claymore

    What a wasted 2:38 minutes. All it is is one big ad for all the companies parts they used.

    After following the build expected something better all those decals ruin the look of the car.

  4. loren

    Sweet (I’m sure someone will fix the hood). Nice to see when such a project makes it the whole way.

  5. Greg

    Yawn. Way overdone. A rolling SEMA billboard.

    I’m sure it’s fun to drive but come on, the bling quotient on this thing is ridiculous. Even Foose shows a more retsraint. Too much advertising, too many gee gaws.This car is the equivalent of using ALL CAPS in an internet forum post.

    Let’s see what you can do with a stock-style, T bar suspension and leaf springs running 15″ wheels. Would have also been cool to see a stroked small block in it or maybe even a boosted Slant backed by an A833.

    These cars were so basic to begin with, the essence gets lost when they are re-imagined, re-invented, resto-modded or what have you. More does not always equal better.

    Check out the car in the link below to see a similar but restrained, balanced and tastefully done car.

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