We Found A Volkswagen TDI Recall Regional Holding Facility At An Old Naval Air Base In Southeastern Massachusetts

We Found A Volkswagen TDI Recall Regional Holding Facility At An Old Naval Air Base In Southeastern Massachusetts

This is nuts! My son Tom’s pal Adam is as big a car guy as Tom and he made mention to him one day this summer that there were a load of VWs parked on the grounds of what used to be the South Weymouth Naval Air Station in Weymouth, Massachusetts. That’s about 4 miles from BangShift Eastern World HQ so I grabbed the boys and zipped over there to get a look at. To saw that Tom, Jack, and I were absolutely dumbstruck when we rounded a curve and saw hundreds if not more than 1,000 VW TDIs all parked on an open area on the property of the former base would be an understatement. Not only that, they are still trucking the things in there DAILY and not just a few at a time. These things are coming in droves.

Obviously these cars are part of the 400,000 car recall and ensuing buy back program VW instituted after getting caught violating the EPA’s emissions testing procedure. There are “regional facilities” all over the country in places like Detroit, Baltimore, and California. To the best of my knowledge VW is holding these cars while waiting to see if the EPA approves their plans to “fix” the machines and get them legal. After that we’re guessing they would have some sort of sales program to get rid of them. If the program is not approved? Well if that happens you are looking at a small sample of what’ll be the largest vehicle scrappage program a manufacturer has ever undertaken.

There’s a huge amount of waste here. These are all (by appearances) good looking and presumably good running cars. VW got busted, they got their asses fined off and if they had been forced to kick the owners some sort of compensation for the loss of resale value you wouldn’t be looking at all of this craziness in Weymouth and elsewhere across the country.

This is pretty wild stuff and theres’s plenty more room for them to add more cars. That’s a good thing because they are coming in droves from all over New England daily.

Click the images below to expand them and then scroll to see the breadth and scope!




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21 thoughts on “We Found A Volkswagen TDI Recall Regional Holding Facility At An Old Naval Air Base In Southeastern Massachusetts

  1. CharlesW

    A portion of the parking area at PPIR outside Colorado Springs is another one of these storage lots, ive seen a couple videos of a guy driving by filming it from I-25 that runs parallel to the facility, thousands upon thousands of vws there, insane amount from what i saw in the video

    1. Dignlif

      I was just going to say I saw a similar site on the way to Denver airport after leaving the RMRW guys in Pueblo. This must be the one I saw.

  2. john

    They’ll end up as taxi cabs in the 3rd world…I don’t mean Washington DC and it’s present politics. 🙂

  3. harbone66

    Its the same at the old Diamond Star Mitsubishi plant in Bloomington-Normal. Illinois. There are thousand of cars sitting there just rotting away…

  4. sbg

    awesome, my old TDI POS is in there somewhere. The emissions thing was just good stuff because it forced VW to buy back that EGR-plugging, part-falling-off-of, rattletrap-making poor-fuel-economy doing, lying-goosestep-german-polluting, baby-seal-killing car.

    I tell people this, there was the VW that was made before they wanted to be number one, and the POS they made after.

  5. Clark

    Whats crazy is there is some kind of plan in place to start and run these things every month.

  6. BigDogSS

    VW was doing what we used to do back in the day here in SoCal –> tweak the carb and retard the timing to get it to pass smog. Once it does, put it back so it runs good until next time. I see no problem here….

  7. Dutch

    One Bubba with a tuned up Cummins/Duramax/Powerstroke puts out more stank than 20 of these little cars put together ever would.

    The EPA’s just pissed that they got fooled for that long!

  8. m&m Racing

    I luv my TDI\’S I had 6 thu the years I still have a new 2015 after the by back for my 2012 I got a new car for $5000 can\’t beat that

    1. ratpatrol66

      This is the best idea ever for these cheaper cars. Smash the shit out of them at monster truck shows!!!

  9. Glenn Roy

    My son bought one and he loves it .No matter what a government agency says.
    He gets 50+ MPG,the car has plenty of power and handles great. Plus he has received a bunch of cash and gift cards from VW because they got caught.
    Look at all of the diesel producers.They are all in hot water over emmisions now.Not just VW.

  10. Oldvoman

    I had one and loved it. It was definitely not a POS but a great car that got pretty good mpg. Not 50 but solid 40’s and it was fun to drive. We grabbed the cash and waved good bye to our little buddy. Went out and got a 13 GTI that is an even bigger hoot and super nice.

    Haters goin hate.

    People probably hate my Geo Metro and Volvo 445 too.

  11. Jay Bree

    Government stupidity in action.

    Let’s destroy half a million perfectly good cars and replace them with new ones just to prove a point about “the environment”

  12. CogWheeler

    Corporate Sociopaths. VW, Porsche and did you see the Audi A3 at the end? All one roof, whose third generation has failed its customers miserably. It was working so well, for them. No one knew what code P0401 ultimately could be triggered by. DPFs that weren\’t serviceable. VW\’s game plan to have its customers pay >$5,000 on TDI exhausts, between 80-150k miles. All while they walked off \”green car\” stages, for years, with cars that weren\’t working in the first place.

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