Wanna Win A Truck? Classic Car Liquidators Has A 1971 C10 Up For Grabs

Wanna Win A Truck? Classic Car Liquidators Has A 1971 C10 Up For Grabs

(By Kaleb Kelley) –  A few weeks ago, we showed you our 1969 Camaro from our Win A Classic Sweepstakes here at Classic Car Liquidators. Well, we have a winner! We brought our winner Paul Riffe in from southern Ohio to make the big decision; a ProTouring 1969 Camaro OR $25,000 CASH.

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Paul has had many Camaro’s and a couple second gen Trans Am’s throughout the years, but he’s now 65 years old and retired. In his position, we can’t say that we wouldn’t be torn as well. As car guys, we automatically think that we’d pick the car, but you never know until you’re put in that position! Check out the video to see what Paul decided!


With this sweepstakes wrapped up, we’re a month into our second Win A Classic Sweepstakes with a ProTouring 1971 C10. We’re partnering with some of the best companies in the business to show the people watching how to take a mild C10, or any car for that matter, and make it the ultimate daily drivable, Power Tour ready machine.


We’re starting off with a solid short bed 1971 C10 CST with a fresh red & white paint job. It has a 454 big block Chevy, 700R4 overdrive and 12-bolt rear end. We’re going to add a healthy roller cam  and roller rockers from Comp Cams, Sniper EFI from Holley, Vintage Air’s FrontRunner serpentine system, a Weiand intake and a set of Hooker headers to wake it up.

For the suspension, we’re going with RideTech’s new StreetGrip suspension system we’ve heard so much about. We used their StreetGrip on our ’69 Camaro and absolutely loved it. Wilwood Disc Brakes will be found at all four corners to make sure the winner will have no problem stopping with the modern cars on the road. Since we’re doing the suspension and brake upgrades, factory style 15” Rally wheels didn’t feel right, so we ordered a set of American Racing 18” VN327 Rally. We were originally planning to refresh the factory gauges, but decided on Dakota Digital’s VHX setup instead.


All in all, we’re trying to build a killer pickup that anybody could jump in, drive and enjoy. We sell a lot of vehicles here that are fairly stock like the C10 was beforehand and this gives us a chance to showcase just what you could make of your plain jane car. I’m going to document every bit of this build along with a few extra tests to show what difference all of this REALLY makes. If you want to be our next winner, you better make your way to www.WinAClassic.com to get your entries.

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4 thoughts on “Wanna Win A Truck? Classic Car Liquidators Has A 1971 C10 Up For Grabs

  1. Jim

    This falls into the a little deceiving category. When I first saw it I thought great, maybe win something, but turns out you BUY something called “Membership” into something and for monthly dues you are entered into a drawing for said truck and looks like maybe other things, if you stay long enough. I’m going to guess this,”thing”, is a real money maker.

    1. Kaleb

      Hey Jim,

      You can mail in entries for free, but the cost of stamps isn’t far off the $4.27 a month to guarantee your three entries. We’re working on future benefits for our members as well. Our new website should be up soon for our members where they can list their cars and show them off as well. I’m working on making this a community that benefits everybody involved. It is FAR from a money maker right now. We’re trying to give the guy who normally wouldn’t have a chance at a vehicle like this a chance to own one. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call or email me.
      [email protected]

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