Want To Buy A Racetrack? Ace Speedway Is For Sale! A Bullring, A Pulling Course, More

Want To Buy A Racetrack? Ace Speedway Is For Sale! A Bullring, A Pulling Course, More

If you have been dying to get into the race track ownership business, here’s your chance. No, it is not a drag strip but rather an awesome little circle track in North Carolina. Ace Speedway is a quarter mile bullring that also includes a go-kart track, a pulling course, and a mud bog pit. Seating about 5,000 people at the oval, this place has been in business since 1956 and it has been seemingly well maintained and constantly updated over the years.

Only four owners have had the reins of the tracks in the 61 years it has operated and every photo we have seen of the place seems to indicate that it has been well cared for and it is active today as it was back when it opened as a dirt track during the Eisenhower administration.

The asking price? A cool $1-million dollars. Whaddya say? Do you have what it takes to become a track owner?

Here’s the listing for the North Carolina trace, Ace Speedway –

Ace Speedway for sale in Elon, North Carolina. The North Carolina asphalt track has been put on the race track market. The 1/4 mile bullring has been presented to racing fans across the United States with an asking price of $1 million. The property includes a go-kart track, a tractor pull strip and a mud bog track.

The speedway was constructed as a dirt track. Roy Maddren headed construction when it made its debut, as a dirt track, in 1956. Originally it opened under the title ‘Southern Speedway’ and operated as a 1/3-mile dirt track. In 1984, it was expanded to 3/8-mile.

In 1990, Ace Speedway again went under construction. This time, it was a full-scale track conversion, transforming the dirt track into a bullring asphalt track. The ownership team that spearheaded the conversion was Fred and Jim Turner.

The new asphalt surface brought in new racing sanctions. It became a NASCAR sanctioned Winston Racing Series member track. Barry Beggarly was the first late model track champion that year, the first year as a paved oval.

In 1999, David Morton took over as the new sole Ace Speedway owner. He came in with big plans for the asphalt short track. Thus, brought the biggest change to the speedway in it’s 40+ year history.

The track went under it’s most recent surgery as new ownership moved in. New seating went up, expanding the audience capacity to 5,000. The Ace Speedway track surface was also expanded, enter the current 4/10-mile paved oval featuring 12 degree banking in the corners. That layout remains to this day.

Abraham Woidislawsky became the 4th and current owner in August 2006. A former car mechanic turned real estate developer turned racetrack owner operator.

Currently, the track is an ASA Member Track. It’s weekly racing program includes; Late Model’s, Limited Sportsman, Modified’s, Mini-Stocks and X-Treme racecars. Many other cars infect the speedway on a random basis, including the CARS XR-1 Pro Cup Series who have visited the speedway 8 times, last in 2012.

Ace Speedway has hosted it’s fair share of national touring series as well. The NASCAR Whelen Southern Modified Tour hosted 7 races at the speedway. The track featured 3 of those races in 2005. Then, it followed with 1 NASCAR Modified race per year between 2006-2009.

Interested parties can contact Brian Jortner at [email protected]

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