Watch A NASCAR Crew Guy Change A Tire While The Rotor Literally Bursts Into Flames – Helmet Cam View

Watch A NASCAR Crew Guy Change A Tire While The Rotor Literally Bursts Into Flames – Helmet Cam View

Ever since the Wood Brothers figured out decades ago that a drilled and organized crew could help them win races, NASCAR pit crews have become more and more specialized and athletic. These days, pro race teams recruit college athletes and we’re probably not far away from NASCAR holding a yearly combine like the NFL does for new players. This video is proof of both the athletic ability and sheer focus exhibited by the dudes that scale the wall at tracks all over the country every week in support of top level NASCAR teams in the Sprint and Nationwide series.

This video was shot with a helmet mounted camera on tire changer Chris Winchell’s helmet. The speed with which his job happens is freaking insane but the fact that he’s confronted with a brake rotor that is so hot it literally bursts into flames in front of him and he’s not the least bit delayed by it rules. Sure, the athleticism may have improved over the years, but the working conditions are still the same. When these cars come into the pits they are molten hot, pissed, and waiting to be let out at the first available nano-second. Winchell’s job is to minimize the number of nano-seconds spent sitting still. We’d say that guy is pretty frigging awesome at it.

Thanks to Chad Saindon for the tip on this video!


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One thought on “Watch A NASCAR Crew Guy Change A Tire While The Rotor Literally Bursts Into Flames – Helmet Cam View

  1. cyclone03

    About 9 years ago,(wow it has been that long) the Wood Bros stopped at Randolph AFB with what would be the back up car for Sears Point.
    A competion was set up between several base units. Maint. ,Operations (pilots), Air Force Personal Center, Medical , Supply ,etc. Pretty much every unit and tenant unit was represented. It ended up being 16 teams of 6.
    The “race” was a hot 2 tire change and simulated 2 can stop. Leonard Wood drove the car.
    All 32 of us tire changers got 2 practice goes on the guns ,not timed just to learn how the gun worked for some, and to pick up the timing for others (me).

    First round was 2 “stops” car stationary, to cut the field to 4. Fastest “stop” advanced.
    Our team (Aircraft Maintenance #2) placed 1st by 6 seconds! Next was Ops (pilots) then the Fire dept.

    I was on the front tire gun, me and my tire carrier had it down and did our work in under 8 seconds. That’s jump the wall,run around the front,remove tire,install tire and run back to the wall ,and not loose the removed tire. My gun work had Wood Bros. guys timing me , we had the tire on and off in less than 5 seconds!
    Over the day we did only 8 “pit stops”,2 without time 6 timed. The top 4 teams got 2 Hot Stops with the car coming in like the real deal,then the final 1 stop for the win.
    Our team ended up 2nd because our rear tire guy basicly LOST it… the rear tire carrier missed the studs and the gun guy hit 2 lug nuts with the gun before he noticed that all the lugs where flying! Oh well.
    At the awards Lunch,(Super in NASCAR speek) I was invited to try out for the team. At the time they did the try outs the first week of December. If you got by that, basicly you started hitting the gym and doing skill drills,all in house 5 days a week. In SC. Oh that’s all unpaid,plus if you live in TX.,me, you need a place to live. Anyway I needed a pay check so I had to pass.

    Oh above I “blamed” the rear tire guy for our loss,the truth is that simple tire change is a lot of work and even with the little we did we where all beat at the end of the day! Mental fatigue is very real to a pit crew.

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