Watch The Guys At Kirkham Motorsports Hand Form A Cobra Hood…Out Of Bronze

Watch The Guys At Kirkham Motorsports Hand Form A Cobra Hood…Out Of Bronze

Rich guys like to have unique stuff so when a wealthy customer of noted car building enterprise Kirkham Motorsports contacted the company and asked if they could scratch build a Cobra replica out of bronze. Obviously the people in the office took this whole idea seriously and soon the metalworkers in the shop were seeing if they could make a fender out of a metal that they don’t work with too often. That experiment went well and soon enough it was all hands on deck to build the seamless body out of bronze.

Because having a bronze Shelby Cobra replica wasn’t enough the owner decided to power the car with a Ford Cammer engine. Because the Cammer is a different fit (those heads are big!) the crew had to make a slightly taller hood to enclose the engine. This video shows that hood being made and it is awesome to watch. The manipulation of metal in this fashion is incredible. It is super interesting to see how they fix and area that was stretched too thin and failed while building it.

Along with the need to have the scoop and the general shape of the thing right to fit perfectly into the opening up front, there are lots of subtle curves in this thing that truly make it a challenge. We have long maintained that seeing craftsmen do their jobs is the most awesome form of BangShifty entertainment that there is and this video is further proof.


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