Watch A Grand Prix Car Absolutely Fly Up A Dangerous European Hill Climb – Incredible V8 Sound and Driving Skill

Watch A Grand Prix Car Absolutely Fly Up A Dangerous European Hill Climb – Incredible V8 Sound and Driving Skill

While there are hill climb events in this country like Pikes Peak and Mount Washington, the Europeans have the scene locked down. There’s a multi-national FIA hill climbing championship series and people build all kinds of crazy cars specifically designed for the tight confines, short chutes, and weird corners that those hill climb courses provide.

In the videos below you’ll see driver David Hauser attack the St Ursanne/Les Rangiers climb in a Dallara GP2 car. This is a car that is similar in many ways to a F1 machine. GP2 is a feeder series for F1 so the cars have lots that overlap with their bigger and more powerful uncles in the globally revered F1 series. Powered by a 244ci V8 and weighing all of 1,500lbs with an average sized driver plugged in, this car is not what you’d call slow. Quite the opposite. It hauls absolute flies.

Before we give the car too much credit, let’s talk about the job Hauser does here. Firstly, GP cars are not exactly built for hill climbs. Proof of that may be clearer when we give you the results. Hauser finished 3rd in this car. That means there were two people actually faster than what you’ll see in the videos below. We don’t know what they were driving but when you see this video, the fact that anyone was better than Hauser is really mind blowing. We have both in car and out of car video. You should check out both. They’re short and sweet but they highlight how hard Hauser was working on his runs and how damned awesome the car sounds when it is at full wail.

Guys like Jimmy Clark ran this same course decades ago. Little has changed. Those imposing stone walls are still in place, people still line the road, there are drops and rivers and rocks and all manner of other things waiting to kill a driver who runs out of talent. Thankfully Hauser has that covered in spades.

There’s nothing like watching a great driver in a great car getting after it on a challenging course! PRESS PLAY BELOW!

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