Will Fiat Chrysler Be Broken Up And Sold Off In Pieces By The End Of The Year? This Guy Thinks It Might

Will Fiat Chrysler Be Broken Up And Sold Off In Pieces By The End Of The Year?  This Guy Thinks It Might

Hellcats everywhere, Ram trucks  are flying off the shelves, Jeep is one of the strongest brands in the world…but is Fiat Chrysler in trouble? Toronto Star business columnist David Olive thinks that they are and he goes so far as to suggest that the company will be busted up into brands and pieces and sold off in chunks by the end of the year. Olive uses financial data to look at where the company is and he also analyzes some of the moves that CEO Sergio Marchionne has made or more specifically has been trying to make. Marchionne has been shopping hard for a merger partner for a long time now and he has overseen the recent pull back in small and medium sized car production as the company cannot seem to sell their offerings.

There are other moves an strategic plans that Olive examines that seem to be at odds with each other, a man at the helm in Marchionne who has already announced that he’ll retire in 2018, and the failure of the current direction to grow the brands outside of trucks and heavier vehicles.

Olive’s column is a great read. We have no idea if it is accurate with regard to Chrysler being in such trouble that they could essentially merger themselves out of business or break up brands, lines, and other stuff to salvage something of value for the pieces but there is lots of foot for thought in there for sure.

If you are a Mopar fan this one may make you wince a little when reading. We’re hoping that they keep on the path to profit!

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??Sergio Marchionne, Chief Executive Officer?, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, speaks at media previews for the North American International Auto Show in Detroit Monday, Jan. 12, 2015. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

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8 thoughts on “Will Fiat Chrysler Be Broken Up And Sold Off In Pieces By The End Of The Year? This Guy Thinks It Might

  1. sbg

    lots of headlines, no substance. It is true they have problems, but the last line shows the level of industry knowledge (attributing Yugo to Hyundai) of the author.

  2. PJ

    I’ve been saying this for a while now. Fiat making Ram its own brand is simply separating it from Chrysler. Ram, Jeep, and Caravan are now their own divisions, easy to sell off to the highest bidder and the only thing that make money for the group.
    I look at this similar to when BMW bought rover. They took all the trademarks they wanted and singled them out, they sold off each brand they didn’t want and transferred anything they wanted to BMW. Leaving nothing but the scraps and sold that off or left it for dead.
    It may not happen by the end of the year, but it will happen. Daimler, Cerberus, and now Fiat have taken this sinking ship and tried to bail the water out. I say they just let it sink.

  3. Anonny Mouse

    David Olive isn’t exactly working on an original idea here. Peter de Lorenzo at autoextremist.com has been saying this for at least two years. David’s jumping on the bandwagon a little late.

  4. The Crusty Autoworker

    Or this particular journalist could be helping FCA by trying to “scare” union employees as their contract talks with FCA approach.
    Not saying his facts are wrong or his conclusions, but there are a lot of “journalists” in the Toronto area that love to crap on unions, and would prefer the working class to stay at the poverty level or below in earnings.
    This journalist is strictly a business guy and knows nothing specific about the auto industry.

    1. Jason

      Profits and sales are up for the Chrysler side, it’s the Fiat side that’s struggling to sell cars. Hopefully Alfa Romeo will have decent sales or the Fiat side might be in trouble.

  5. Chevy Hatin\' Mad Geordie

    Chrysler must NOT be allowed to die. That would mean that all there will be only Chevrolet to present an alternative to Ford and that is unthinkable! A huge chunk of US automotive heritage will disappear – just like Rover and countless others did in the UK. The badge may turn up on a Chinese hunka tin but there will be no more hemis and nothing to stem the tide of the hated LS.

    That MUST NOT come to pass…..

  6. BeaverMartin

    Here is a concept…Sell Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep to the American people (Gov’t). Call it “American Motors” Hire Bob Lutz as CEO, Jay Leno as his deputy, and Chip Foose as chief of design. The return on investment to the tax payers would be huge. Are you listening Trump?

  7. William

    I predict that Jeep will be sold to Ford. Historically Ford helped develop the original Jeep and co-produced it during and after World War II. It would be a nice fit, particularly since Ford doesn’t have a Jeep-like division.

    The new Pacifica van would probably be sold to Nissan or Mazda.

    Ram is a bit more difficult to predict, particularly since Nissan just introduced a new Titan, so it would probably go to Mazda.

    What’s left of Dodge isn’t worth anything, particularly with the loss of the Ram nameplate, and the demise of the 200 and Dart pretty much supply the nails to the coffin.

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