The Car Bros. Are Back! Watch The Dynamic Duo Win The LA Auto Show

The Car Bros. Are Back! Watch The Dynamic Duo Win The LA Auto Show

The Car Bros are back with another funny video! This time it is from the always stuffy, pretentious, and overly self important LA Auto Show. After taking the traditional approach to “making content” at the show the guys wise up and start cranking out some more appropriate stuff and the laughs start there. If there is anything better than a poorly informed PR person on the floor of an OE car show getting confronted with, “So the Honda guys have been talking some smack over there…” we are not sure what it is.

The guys do their normal awesome job with the tongue in cheek humor and we like all of it. While we understand the appeal and attraction of these type of events, we think the video hits the mark in kind of lampooning the whole culture around them.

That being said, we’ll be running around the PRI show tomorrow looking at hot rod and racing parts like they are diamond encrusted jewelry, blocks like they are alien totems, and lord knows what else. So at the end of the day the reason we dig it is because we fall in some of the same traps but can at least laugh at ourselves.

So enjoy this…especially the awards…especially the one the guys give to Ford.

Press play below to see the latest Car Bros. video as they win the LA Auto Show –

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