Wait, What? You Could Still Buy A DeTomaso Pantera in 1987 Check Out This GT5-S Video Review!

Wait, What? You Could Still Buy A DeTomaso Pantera in 1987 Check Out This GT5-S Video Review!

Somewhere along the line I guess I lost the memo about the fact that you could still actually buy a DeTomaso Pantera in the year 1987! The cars were interesting in the fact that the body and chassis construction was done in Modena, Italy and then the final assembly work was done here in the USA, that work included the installation of a warmed up 351 Ford engine, the trans-axle, etc. The body had some modifications with the big rear wing and some other add-ons that while very 1980s, took away from some of the beauty that defined the car’s shape early on in ints production run.

This thing was a hod rod, not just by the standards of the day but really by any measure. The fact that it kept the American/Italian theme going so well is awesome and wait until you hear how it sounds because it sounds awesome. The MotorWeek crew had the car singing a good tune at the spacious and fast Pocono Raceway in Pennsylvania so this was not just a deal that involved idling the car around the neighborhood, they get after it here! Not just in the slalom and brake stop stuff, either. The have this car on the NASCAR course as well as the infield road course.

Call us crazy but we’d love to own one of these cars now. Yes, we’d warm the 351 up a little, literally. Some aluminum heads, a little camshaft, and EFI would be plenty. Give us 500hp at the tire and we’ll be more than satisfied to hit the streets.

Oh, one last thing. How hot did your luggage get sitting directly over top the engine in the rear of the car?! Hopefully no one packed chocolate bars!

Press play below to see this awesome review of the Pantera GT5-S on MotorWeek –

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