This 1970s Cadillac Eldorado Car Hauler Could Be Yours – This Thing Is Really Cool

This 1970s Cadillac Eldorado Car Hauler Could Be Yours – This Thing Is Really Cool

Charles Wickam gets the gold star on this one for tipping us off to this awesome example of a 1970s Cadillac Eldorado converted into a race car hauler. There’s lots of photos on the internet of these things and there are lots of stories about people seeing them at tracks but this one you can actually buy if you want to show up to the track looking like racing’s version of Huggy Bear.

The reality is that the first guy to do this and start what probably wasn’t big enough to be a “craze” but definitely was some sort of small army really had a bright idea. Obviously with the Caddy’s stump pulling torque, bomb proof transmission, and front wheel drive, you were essentially building yourself a motorized trailer as everything behind the driver’s area was just kind of there and not providing motivation for the rest of the vehicle. The already low height of the car meant that the deck height of the hauler portion was guaranteed to be low, which makes loading and unloading easy. Hell, the thing probably gets better mileage than a normal truck and trailer. We guess the one thing to think about is brakes, but if there are stoppers on all six tires than this baby could surely hold its own in the WOAH department. That’s for sure.

We’re not saying that building this thing was easy but conceptually it is, right? There’s some nice work on the deck and we like the fact that the six wheels all match. Have Any BangShifters ever hauled with one of these? It seems to us that high speed hijinks could have been part of the program with the deep gearing these things had. Stability? We bet it was pretty decent. Turning radius? Probably horrible.

We want it.







Larger Photos on CL Ad HERE

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8 thoughts on “This 1970s Cadillac Eldorado Car Hauler Could Be Yours – This Thing Is Really Cool

  1. Mooseface

    With the right Caddy V8 and a good rear end, that thing might actually be a decent hauler.

  2. braktrcr

    And with your racecar on the back, this tow vehicle does spectacular fwd burnouts. Seriously, I think the bed alone is worth the asking price.

  3. TheSilverBuick


    Caddy brakes were huge to begin with, so I don’t have any doubt if even decent rear brakes were in the rear axles the thing would have outstanding braking ability. A solid 500cid engine built for torque (bonus to stick a turbo on it!) and this thing could haul anything.

    I wonder how much of the rear seat is intact or if it’s just a storage area behind the driver’s seat now.

  4. ISePic

    I’m looking for a late model (later than 1990) to replace my Dodge D350 truck cab and bed – this isn’t helping, I may be changing plans in the middle of my planning changes … xD LOL

  5. Spanky

    I have a 74 GMC motorhome with the Olds Tornado 455 fwd. It might be a tad more easy to open the back of the MH and gut it out. For now, I tow a trailer behind the MH.

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