This 1979 F350 Is Actually A 1997 Cummins Powered Dodge 3500 In Disguise

This 1979 F350 Is Actually A 1997 Cummins Powered Dodge 3500 In Disguise

Man this thing is awesome! The dually you see before you is very much in the “what exactly is it?” category because at first blush you’ll think that it is a cleanly restored 1979 Ford F350 dually that someone swapped a Cummins diesel into, making it a Fummins. Then you’ll notice the interior and realize that it sure looks like a 1990s Dodge steering wheel and dash, and then you’ll really get interested when you look under it and realize that this is a 1997 Dodge truck that wears the body of a 1979 Ford F350 and the whole thing is done so well it looks factory.

The engine is a 12-valve Cummins that is backed with a NV4500 stick shift trans. The motor has been woken up a little but nothing crazy has been done. We’re sure that this rig scoots down the road just fine with the work that has been done and some of the other upgrades. Good parts are used throughout the truck like a nice South Bend clutch, Curt manufacturing hitch, billet wheels, and a whole bunch more. There’s a Flowmaster exhaust on the thing so we’re guessing that it has that cool Kenworth like tone as it rumbles down the road.

The seller is asking $19,000 for this truck and we think that the price is right for the amount of work, the parts, and the finish on this thing. You can haul with this truck, show it, pull it some, and even make some drag strip hits if you want. It’ll be super unique at shows and as you can tell it really spins our crank! Lots of photos and a great description of the rig await you at the CL ad link below!


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10 thoughts on “This 1979 F350 Is Actually A 1997 Cummins Powered Dodge 3500 In Disguise

  1. Beagle

    “The headliner is 50/50…meaning the front half is brand new, but the rear half is non existent, as there is no aftermarket replacement one offered.”


    most of the build is on their web page.

  2. mooseface

    Man, I remember catching bits of this build on mornings when I stayed home “sick” in high school.

    1. mooseface

      Whoops, I guess it wasn’t high school but early mornings before class at the JC.
      2007-2010 all kind of an together for me…

  3. Nick D.

    Remember seeing this build on Trucks! Great idea of a chimera. The good looks of the old ’78-’79 Fords with the best ruck running gear produced.

  4. threedoor

    Uggg, enough with the frame swaps (especially when they are 2WD), put the Cummins in and run the better running gear of the Ford without all the low quality Dodge bits getting in the way.

  5. BeaverMartin

    I’d say this was the best way to make a Ford reliable. Just messing with the blue oval fan boys.

  6. art z

    Yeah, I see it incorporated many of the poorly designed second gen Dodge Ram features like:
    -poor front suspension that is prone to ‘death wobble’
    -weakest Dana60 front axle ever used with its CAD disconnect, unit wheel bearings and ball joints
    -flimsy second gen Dodge frame (check how thin they actually are)
    – Dodge headlight switch that melts the wiring and then your headlights go out

    I could go on and on.

    I have owned a few 12-valve diesel Dodge Rams and several 67-79 Fords over the past two decades. The best one of them all by far is my Fummins I built out of a sno-fighter package 79 F250 4×4 – using the 12V Cummins engine and Ford drivetrain, suspension, and of course body…

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