The Baja Ranchero Is The Coolest Truck Build You’ve Never Heard Of – Until Now

The Baja Ranchero Is The Coolest Truck Build You’ve Never Heard Of – Until Now

When Allen Repashy reached out to us and said that we should take a look at the Baja Ranchero project he is neck deep into, it looked interesting enough. When we actually got in there and looked at the photos of the build we were completely and utterly blown away. This is not some half-ass, lift kit equipped Falcon Ranchero. Instead this is basically a 3/4 scale trophy truck that will be competing (if they make their timeline) at the Baja 1000 this year along with the NORRA Mexican 1000 in years to come. It is fabricated to the highest levels and virtually every piece of the thing is made from scratch.

Power is going to come from a 347 Ford small block stroker and as you will see below the truck will be 100% street legal as well as equipped with heat and air conditioning. The suspension travel is incredible and the fact that it was all packaged in the comfy confines of the little Falcon Ranchero “box” is a testament to the fab skills of Allen and the other guys on the build.

In a brief chat with Allen he said,” My goal is to make it look old school from a distance. I went out of the way to try to tuck the shocks into the body, run old school wheels and 15″ tires, etc.” We love everything about this thing and we are going to keep tabs on the build from here on out. We look forward to a more in depth look at the Baja Ranchero in the future. 100% BangShift approved!

Here’s a description of the truck in Allen’s words:

The Baja Ranchero is finally off the Jig and out of the shop for it’s first breath of fresh air. Its really coming along now. We spent the last three days setting up and cycling the suspension, dialing in the interior seat, pedal, wheel and control positions, and then spent a lot of time brainstorming on all the final packaging challenges.

The front suspension travel is right at 20″, the rear is 26.5″. Track width to outside of tire at ground level is only 75″ and wheelbase is 113″. Tires are 35×12.5

This thing is a LOT smaller than it looks. Its the size of an 80’s toyota Hilux regular cab pickup. Packaging is the biggest build challenge we have ever tackled. Especially considering it is going to have full glass and a functioning Heater and A/C and be street legal and driven.

We just couldn’t get it ready in time for the NORRA Mexican 1000 this year so now we have our sights set on the Baja 1000 in November.

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8 thoughts on “The Baja Ranchero Is The Coolest Truck Build You’ve Never Heard Of – Until Now

  1. PJ

    I’ve followed this build on social media for a while now (being a Falcon guy it was under my radar). The level of detail on this chassis is second to none on what is arguably the most extreme ranchero ever built.
    The chassis work is world class, the details throughout are show worthy and best of all Functional. With plans to not only build it, but actually build with a purpose to run Baja.
    This thing is a really unique, functional, bad ass race truck that you could likely take the wife for dinner in without getting to many complaints. Super cool, and definitely Bangshift Approved.

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I didn’t know there was a Falcon-based Ranchero!

    As neat as this is I’d rather have an Alan Mann Racing red and gold liveried one running a hot 289 or 302 and set up for the road and track.

      1. Tubbed Pacecar

        Ranchero’s started in 1957, based off the full size, full chassis passenger car (Stationwagon) chassis & sheetmetal, which was BEFORE there even was a Falcon.
        Then, they went to being Falcon based, followed by Fairlane based, then Torino based (yah, it could be argued that the Torino & Falcon share some DNA), then went on to be based on other full size, full chassis Ford passenger cars.
        SO, out of all the years they produced Ranchero’s, only a small number of the model years were built using Falcons…….

  3. Allen Repashy

    Just to clarify, I am the one who had the concept and vision for the build and spec\’d it out, but the actual fabrication credits belong to Rick Snell, and Erik Shalbatter ( did all the CAD design before Rick put it into steel.

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