Could This C30 Chevrolet Be The Ultimate Off-Road Chase Truck? We Think So!

Could This C30 Chevrolet Be The Ultimate Off-Road Chase Truck? We Think So!

Okay, so it’s not a chase truck right NOW… but damn this C30 Chevrolet would be bitchin with some 37″ General Red Labels on it and about 14 inches of suspension travel. According to the Craigslist Ad, it was a California Forestry truck, which seems right based on the super cool utility body it’s got on it, and the original 350 was replaced with a 327 at some point. We’d lose virtually all of the drivetrain to put together a solid stroker LS combo that makes big power, a bulletproof 4L80E or Turbo 400 with a Gearvendors out back, and then get it on with custom suspension. We’d probably slap some fiberglass fenders up front for more tire clearance in the whoops as well.

The utility body might need some clearance as well for a set of 37 inch tires, but that’s a simple fix we can handle. A killer rack on top of the utility body and over the cab would make it near perfect, and give us places for all kinds of LED lighting. Three cushy suspension seats, in cab communications, A/C, and a good stereo would make the interior mint-o-licious.

If this one was yours, what would you do with it?

The original ad information is below.

C30 Chase Truck 1

1972 Chevrolet C30 Utility Dually. I believe this is an California forestry service vehicle or Conservation corps truck. The original 350 was replace with a 327 engine that may be a corvette main block from when I ran the block numbers. Not sure about the cylinder heads. 4 barrel quadrajet, HEI distributor, new chrome one wire 100 amp alternator. 4 speed with granny low. 4:56 gears. There is rust in the typical rocker areas in this truck. I took a couple picture to visual. A couple leaks have surfaced from the rear differential and transmission. Seals that have work. This is a heavy duty vehicle. The leaf spring extending across the left and right lowers is something I have never seen. The vehicle needs front pads and the rotors are fried. The electrical on this truck will need to be redone, so I have included some original wiring from another truck. I will also include a complete ignition switch, and door locks. The truck does run, but it is running rough because of the quadrajet I through on there. The engine is strong, but the weight of this truck is plenty. I have drove this truck down the street, but I do not recommend that you do. It should be towed away. This is a project I never got to and I am moving and do not want to bring with me as I have enough on my plate. Call me and come pick it up. Try your AAA membership or bring your big car hauler. The pink is not in my name, but it is on non-op. The parts in the utility bed not included.

C30 Chase Truck 2

C30 Chase Truck 4

C30 Chase Truck 5

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3 thoughts on “Could This C30 Chevrolet Be The Ultimate Off-Road Chase Truck? We Think So!

  1. Nick D.

    Nah, forget the LS idea. This thing needs a DuraMax or Cummins or maybe a 502 Ram Jet.

  2. OPTIMA Jim

    Rampart, this is Rescue 51. We have a delusional gearhead with visions of an offroad chase vehicle. Should we start an IV? Transmitting EKG now

  3. Tom Slater

    Too heavy to be off-road friendly. We’re talking some seriously batcrap suspension to keep it from rolling. I wouldn’t go 4wd, myself.
    Needs Chevy 8.1 / Allison 1000 / 14 bolt either way.

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