Check Out This Pair Of Fords We Found On Craigslist And Would Combine To Make An Epic Ramp Truck

Check Out This Pair Of Fords We Found On Craigslist And Would Combine To Make An Epic Ramp Truck

If this idea ends up sounding crazy to you, then we might have to revoke your BangShift card, or give you an award for being smart enough to know when to say when. We found a 1978 Ford F250 Super Cab that was for sale for like $1500 that immediately made us think that Brian would love it. Moments later we found a 1966 Ford FB Cab that had us drooling like mad, and it was only $350. The wheels started turning and I immediately thought that the ’66 Cab and the ’78 chassis needed to come together.

Then I got ready to write the blog item and the ’78 F250 has been sold and is no longer online. Oh well. There are plenty of other Fords to choose from, but this 1994 Crew Cab for some reason turns me on. With the kick ass cab over on it, this thing would rule all as a ramp truck extraordinaire.


I’ve never seen a ramp truck with one of the ’60s Ford B Series cabs on it. They just aren’t seen that much. But, if you want any episode of CHiPs you’ll see a ton of them as delivery trucks and such. That’s what they were most commonly used for, so what could be more appropriate than using one for hot rod deliver?

B Series 3


B Series 2

I’m a Chevrolet guy at heart, but man I would rock this Ford like none other.


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9 thoughts on “Check Out This Pair Of Fords We Found On Craigslist And Would Combine To Make An Epic Ramp Truck

  1. 38P

    I’ve always wanted a 1957-90 C-Series Ford cab on a truck with a PSD in it . . .

    Or better yet, a 1961-66 H-Series (same cab hiked up onto a Class-8 frame!)

  2. Nick D.

    Those old Ford C-series trucks are really cool. It’s amazing how little the design changed over their lifespan, too.

  3. Pete P.

    The Ford C-Series were used by Ford sponsored race teams in the 60’s as race car haulers and support trucks. Many were configured as ramp trucks. Google some of the old race teams and names (Gas Ronda, Don Nicholson, Jack Chrisman, Hubert Platt, Wood Brothers, Hollman/Moody) and you should get some great pictures.

  4. Dutch

    Come on out to the midwest, there’s lots of ’em here. They’re all set up with grain boxes and hydraulic lifts.

  5. Bow Tie Express

    As a starting point, you would be better off with a Ford C cab fire truck. Good chance it comes with a diesel engine / automatic transmission and was well maintained. Most engines are low mileage trucks. Sell off the business end to recoup some cash from your initial investment. Add your ramps and bingo you’re ready to go racing. Bonus would be if the siren was still on the truck … you can get to the track real fast!

  6. Spencer

    If your not gonna buy the cab over, let me know ill go get it!!! seriously send me the location i want to cummins that bitc#

  7. Sam Strube

    I used to drive one of those old Fords around the yard at Thermoking when I worked there… they had 390 FE motors in them and always sounded bitchen!

  8. 440 6pac

    Make a ramp truck out of the pickup using the pickup cab.
    For the 66 I see a very short wheelbase and a blown 427 For under the cab. It’d make a hell of a cruiser and would be a hit at the local dragstrip.

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