Rough Now, But It Just Might Be Worth The Money – A 1972 Custom Camper GMC C25

Rough Now, But It Just Might Be Worth The Money – A 1972 Custom Camper GMC C25

McTaggart is fond of posting up Craigslist finds that have had a rough start, but this one is a rough start right now. With that said, the parts on this thing are worth at least as much as the $2700 asking price and I bet you could get it for $2500 or less. The Porterbuilt Fabrication front crossmember and power steering rack, with no other components present, will cost you $1798 right now. The fact that this is a Custom Camper GMC makes us happy as the nose on this sucker is super cool with the dual headlights and all. It was originally a long bed, and has been shortened, which doesn’t bother us at all as long as it was done right. Although to be honest we’d probably finish this thing off with a custom back half so we could lay it on it’s balls anyway.

There is something cool about this one being an 8 lug truck too cause they just look tough. It doesn’t look pretty, that’s for sure. But we’re pretty sure we could fix that. The only rust mentioned and seen is around the windshield and while that would have scared us 20 years ago it doesn’t now. Sure a truck without it is better, but for the price I think we could get over it.

What do you think?

Here is all the info from the seller and photos are below. Click any photo to make them larger and to scroll through them all.

PROJECT: was running and driving great
PROJECT: rust around windshield, bondo too
$4,600 in parts alone
Front suspension: disc brakes, Air bags, drop spindles, Porter Built dropmember, rack and pinion power steering.
Rear suspension: axle flip, frame shortened and
Engine: sbc 350, Holley carb, Edelbrock intake, Pertronix electronic ignition and coil, platinum spark plugs, Hp plug wires, headers.
Turbo 400 transmission posit traction rear end Dana 60 rear end
A/C cab
Was a long bed originally.
With a little more Work it will be a fun truck.
It only needs some assembly to get back on the road.
Clean title
You will need a trailer and some time to reassemble, it’s a project.

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2 thoughts on “Rough Now, But It Just Might Be Worth The Money – A 1972 Custom Camper GMC C25

  1. ratpatrol66

    Paid $800 for my 69 long bed step side over 20 years ago and still going strong. It’s a little worse for the wear now but the best $800 I ever spent!

  2. Threedoor

    My 71 gmc custom camper, clapped out, beat up, bought in 95, and still the best $900 I’ve ever spent.

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