This 1961 Ford COE Enclosed Car Hauler Could Be Awesome!

This 1961 Ford COE Enclosed Car Hauler Could Be Awesome!

Yesterday Brian posted a little tiny car hauler that he said was useless. This one here is NOT useless, or at least it won’t be once you have it all done. This 1961 Ford COE started life as a horse hauler, and has been converted to be an enclosed car hauler that we think would rule to roll into the pits or your local car show with. There is something about these snub nosed Ford COE trucks that we just love. And this one is remarkably rust free. The running boards, doors, and cab are in great condition. This thing only has about 36,000 miles on it and the 292 is said to get it down the highway very well. We’d probably do an engine swap at some point, but for now if it runs good we’d roll with it. We do love the two-speed rear end. If used properly they are like using a GearVendors to split gears. Plus having the nob on the shifter that you use to engage it is super cool. We’ve driven dump trucks with the two-speed rear and they are cool.

Overall this thing is pretty neat. Sure it’s going to need some work to get it back into shape and ready to roll, but it looks like the tough part has all been handled. Whoever buys this thing will certainly have a cool ride when done, that’s for sure. And nobody else will be able to claim to have one like it, because we’ve never seen a Ford COE Enclosed Car Hauler.

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Here is what the seller has to say: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ORIGINAL EBAY AD

1961 Ford cab over engine with 18 foot box with ramp door. This is a very solid car hauler. It was made by conversion of a show horse truck from WI. It has a beaver tail, numerous(11) welded in tie downs. and ramp door with counter balanced spring. Still needs latch for rear. Lighting removed for paint that never got finished and uncertain if all box lights are still around. It’s very low mileage is due to it’s limited previous use. Included are truck maintenance manuals. It has a five speed manual transmission and 2 speed rear axle. Traveled easily on Interstate. No air brakes, just vacuum booster. It needs paint finished, reassembly of trim and lights, and mechanically re-commissioned, due to it’s time left idle (approximately 8 years). The tires have a lot of tread( still have small stickers that I assume are from new), but also a lot of age, with small sidewall cracks. The box inside measurements are as follows- at door opening 85.5″ high and 79.5 ” wide. insidepast beavertail is 77.5 ” high and 89.5 wide. The length is 215″ with 159.5  up on flat and 35″ with drop for beavertail of about an inch, then steeper. This will make an exciting and useful car hauler or other uses. Presently in good dry storage at a friend’s, which likely could be continued for a fee. Bid like you mean it, as there is no reserve. There is a non refundable $500 deposit due within 48 hours from end of sale. The remainder to be due within 10 days and prior to pick up. I will assist pick up to the extent of charging battery and getting out of the building in Lafayette, IN. Last started 11-14-15 and had good solid brake pedal. It has an up to date Indiana title and was last registered as a historic vehicle. To arrange viewing or for questions call (765)427-7078 Indiana.
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