This 2015 Ford F-550 Might Be The Ultimate Off-Road RV. This Is Expedition Vehicle Greatness.

This 2015 Ford F-550 Might Be The Ultimate Off-Road RV. This Is Expedition Vehicle Greatness.

When I first saw this ad on Facebook I immediately thought of the Turtle Expedition, but this thing takes that to a whole other level in the size department. This thing is HUGE! It’s a 2015 Ford F-550 that has an epic amount of work that has gone into it and it not only looks incredibly capable and well thought out, but also incredibly nice inside! This doesn’t look like something you are going to have to suffer in, that’s for sure. I’d love to drive this sucker around the world! Wouldn’t you? I could write all kinds of things about all the amazing modifications and the thought that went into them, but instead I’m going to let the seller, Brody, tell you. Below are all the specs. It’s rad. Check it out.


This vehicle might not be for everyone. It took 3 years to build and close to $300k was invested into it. $20k just in the solar set up. As I searched for a Offgrid/offroad overland camping vehicle, most people I knew that had earth roamers didn’t function as they hoped for and would get stuck a lot. And other 6x6s were show trucks that weren’t meant to be driven hard. So this one was built to be the ultimate off-road/offgrid beast and was made to be used! The asking price is $200,000 and I have an appraisal for $215,000.

6×6 Truck Modifications:
The original F-550 4×4 truck has been converted into a 6×6 Expedition Vehicle. Truck just hit 70k miles
Below are specifications of what has been improved, modified, and upgraded on the truck itself & on camper. Rear Suspension, Axles, and Drivetrain * Rear Axle. The original factory Dana S110 rear axle (with a max GAWR of 14,706 lbs) remains in its factory position, approximately 200” from the front axle. * Middle Axle. A Dana 80 (with a max GAWR of 14,000 lbs) has been added to the middle position, approximately 50” in front of the rear axle. * Suspension & Air-Ride. Both rear axles are mounted with a 4-link suspension. Each axle is supported by two Goodyear 1R11-241 airbags. Goodyear does not publish the weight capacity of their airbags, but commercial mechanics have stated the 1R11-241 airbags can each handle at least 12,000 lbs. The suspension’s airbags are controlled digitally by a Level Ride air management system with WIFI remote and height sensors. The Level Ride air-ride system allows for auto-leveling and other suspension controls to improve the vehicle’s performance and flexibility. The suspension can quickly be aired up or down on either side of the vehicle, or on both sides simultaneously. The air-ride system is also useful for mounting and dismounting the camper, leveling when camping, trimming for the best possible aerodynamics, performance and/or controlling comfort based on the ever-changing conditions of standard road, highway and/or offroad driving conditions. * Compressor & Air Tank. An Oasis 2.2-HP 12V Extended Duty 8CFM offroad compressor powers the air-ride system through a 20 Gallon 7 Port air tank. The compressor (delivering 9 CFM at 50 PSI, 8 CFM at 100 PSI, and 200 PSI maximum pressure) is also used for airing up the tires and is capable of powering pneumatic tools, such as a heavy-duty air impact wrench. * Rear Shocks. Two 3.0 Smoothy Body ADS Shocks with 12″ reservoirs control the movement of each of the two rear axles. * Rear Bumpstops. Each of the rear axles feature 2 Timbren SES Bumpstops (each bumpstop is rated with a 14,000 lbs capacity, equating to a bump stop capacity of 28,000 lbs per axle). * Rear Driveshafts. Two commercial-grade independent driveshafts power the rear axles. Driveshaft one powers the middle axle from the factory transfer case. Driveshaft two powers the center axle from the HERO transfer case. Installation includes commercial-grade carrier bearings to lend extra support to both driveshaft assemblies. * Upgraded Gear Ratios. The axles and differentials have been upgraded to 6.17 gear ratios. * Divorced Transfer Cases. The F-550’s factory transfer case powers the rear axle and when switched to 4×4, engages the front axle too. A Trail Worthy Fab Two-Speed HERO Case is used to engage the middle axle. Front Suspension The front factory axle, a Monobeam Dana Super 60 (with a max GAWR of 7,000 lbs), remains in the original factory position. The sway-bar has been upgraded and two-inch risers have been installed to allow necessary clearance of the military-grade wheels and tires (further explained below). Wheels & Tires The F-550’s factory dual rear wheels (DRWs) have been converted to single rear wheels (SRWs or Super Singles). Converting the F-550 6×6 to a Super Singles setup eliminates problems that DRW vehicles experience when off-roading —such as poor tracking and flat tires due to rocks becoming lodged between the dual wheels. The SRW setup, along with the added axle and pair of rear wheels, allows for better drivability offroad, especially in soft sand, mud and snow. All eight tires (six on the truck and the two spares) are 41-inch diameter, 12-inch wide, and 22-ply 335 80 R 2 Continental military tires, which increases both traction and ground clearance by nearly 60% (to a generous 12.4 inches of clearance). The massive tires are balanced with balancing beads and are designed to carry extremely heavy loads (even when aired down). Each of the eight tires are mounted on 3-Piece aluminum internal double bead-lock military wheels (rims), each of which includes a shell, center, o-ring, valve stem, and nuts and bolts. Tire Pressure Management All tires are monitored by a tire pressure and temperature monitoring system, showing real-time tire pressures and temperatures. Airing Tires Up and Down Air-down valves (also referred to as a “deflators”) allow for easy air down of the tires, either separately or simultaneously. Quick-connect airline valves connected to the compressor are located at each of the six tire points. When parked, coil- hoses quickly connect to one, several, or to all six quick-connect and tire valves in order to air up the tires individually or simultaneously. Flatbed, Utility Boxes & Spares Tires Crane The custom flatbed features a large Primary Box, which is a custom-fabricated vertical utility box at the front of the flatbed (just behind the Spare Tires Crane. The Primary Box runs the full width of the flatbed, is open from each side of the bed, and features full-height doors on each side of the box. The lower portion of the Primary Box contains an auxiliary 90-gallon aluminum freshwater tank. This extra water tank is used to refill the camper’s freshwater tank (which is 45 gallons) during prolonged off-grid exploration. The flatbed’s side utility boxes feature O-ring-sealed tie-down holes at all four corners for easy installation and protection of the truck camper’s tie-down system. The side boxes are 96-inch Buyers brand boxes (part #1721568), allowing for lots of additional storage. All utility boxes feature same-key’d Buyers brand powder-coated and corrosion-resistant latches. Each utility box latch features an adjustable T-handle and locking shank offering compression adjustment (between .850 of an inch to 1.3 inches) of each box door, ensuring the best possible closing of all box doors. Theft-resistant studs and rivets provide added security to the Buyers’ brand latches. A military-grade Spare Tires Crane is located between the cab and the Primary Box. The electric cranes are used to lower and raise each of the two spare wheel and tire sets (each weighing approx 220 lbs) and for mounting the spares when the vehicle is in use. The crane’s power switches are locked inside the cab and the controls are hidden. Both spare tires are cable-locked to the crane for added security. The spare crane allows the spare tires to be dismounted and mounted by one person. Extras * DEF Delete Kit. Installed the moment the truck was purchased. * WARN Winch hidden in Extreme Duty Bumper. The 12,000 lbs winch is hidden within a special winch kit bumper. * Front Fenders. Custom front fenders have been custom-fabricated to allow the needed body clearance of the military 41-inch tires. * Power Cab Steps. Amp Research Power Steps with LED lighting extend for easy entry to all 4 doors. * Soundproofing. Hush Matt has been installed throughout the floor of the cabin, before replacing the original vinyl floor with factory padding and carpet. Soundproofing has been installed in all four door panels. The windows have ceramic tints which reduce exterior sound also. * Audio & Alarm. The audio system has been upgraded and a Viper Alarm System with auto-start and GPS has been installed. * Light Bar. Full width above the windshield of the cab. * Second Alternator. An aftermarket 200 Amp 24-Volt secondary alternator has been installed into the truck and could be used for recharging batteries at some point. Truck Weight The wet weight of the truck (when loaded with fuel, and including everything except the camper) is 13,700 lbs. Camper Conversion The camper started out as a 2005 Lance 1191 Max (Vin # 157898). The Lance has been completely remodeled, improved, and modernized. Below is a list of the camper’s improvements. The original Lance camper specifications can be downloaded here: Solar System Under average weather and sun conditions, the solar system allows for comfortable off-grid living, with power to run the refrigerator and air-conditioning for 24-hour in most cases. The system includes: * Solar Panels. Six Solarworld 300-watt solar panels mounted to the roof of the camper. * 400ah Lithium Batteries. Eight 24V Battle Born LiFePO4 400Ah batteries. * Charge Controllers. Two Victron MPPT 150/60 Solar Charge Controllers * Inverter/charger. Victron 24v 3000 watt inverter 120volt * Control Monitor. Victron Color Control Monitor * Smart Monitoring. Victron BMV 712 * WiFi Monitoring. The camper’s hotspot connection allows the solar system to be monitored and even controlled 24 hours per day from any location (the user does not need to be with the rig physically). The web-based portal allows the user to track solar production, dc and ac loads, and more. Other Camper Specs * Camper Remodel. The Lance camper’s original 2015 “old/ugly” details and finishes were removed and replaced, and many customizations were added, including: * Interior paint. All walls painted white paint. * Bunk Beds & Storage. The original dinette has been replaced with cabinets and bunk beds. The cabinets of the bunk beds are four sections, each containing three generously sized drawers (one for each person that it sleeps). All drawers of the camper were upgraded with locking pull handles to keep drawers from opening when offroading. * Bathroom. The dry bath has been completely redone; with a custom aluminum shower pan and teak floor drain, new wall liners, bathroom sink, porcelain toilet, and extremely durable (but lightweight) countertop from Granite Transformations. The bathroom’s original “carpet” floor has been upgraded to commercial-grade vinyl. * Blinds/Curtains. The “old/ugly” blinds were replaced with hand-sewed and washable cotton curtains. * Flooring. The camper’s primary carpet flooring has been replaced with durable synthetic wood flooring. * Lighting. Most (if not all) of the camper’s lighting has been upgraded to modern dimmable LED lighting. * Ventilation. Four two-speed DC fans were installed throughout. The camper features two skylight exhaust fans also. * Kitchen. The camper features the original Lance camper kitchen with a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and sink. But the kitchen’s gas stove has been upgraded to an efficient induction stove. The original bulky extractor hood has been upgraded with a new and more modern design. The original refrigerator, a 6 cubic feet, 3-way power (gas, dc, ac) works perfectly and the main electrical board has been replaced. The countertops were upgraded with durable and lightweight countertops. * Generator. The LP generator has been removed to reduce weight, make the camper safer, and to increase storage space. With all the solar, the generator is not needed. * Four (4) Adults Sleeping Capacity. The camper has been modified to sleep four adults, via one queen mattress located in the cab-over and two 72” x 26” bunks in the slide-out. * Quiet and Efficient Air Conditioning. The original noisy and inefficient camper a/c has been removed and replaced with an 18,000 BTU Daikin 17 SEER inverter mini-split air conditioner and heating system. The Daikin system is virtually silent and is incredibly efficient, allowing the camper’s solar system to power the Daikin 24-hours a day (with average sun and climate conditions). The mini-split is controlled by a wifi smart thermostat too, allowing the user to control the mini-split from anywhere (the user does not need to be with the rig physically). * 135 Gallons of Fresh Water. When fully wet, the rig carries a whopping 135 gallons of water. The camper features a 45-gallon freshwater tank. The primary utility box of the F-550 6×6’s flatbed contains an extra 90-gallon freshwater tank and pump. The primary use of the extra water tank is to refill the camper’s water tank when desiring more lengthy off-grid exploring/camping. The 90-gallon tank allows the camper’s water tank to be refilled and an additional 2 times. * Extra Water Production. The condensation produced from the Daikin mini-split flows to an external portable water-can, producing drinkable water, or water to add to the camper’s freshwater system. * Outdoor BBQ. One of the flatbed’s side boxes contains an outdoor gas BBQ station for easy and efficient outdoor grilling and cooking. * Gray Water. 45 Gallons * Black Water. 45 Gallons * LPG. Two 7-Gallon tanks * Furnace. 15,000/22,000 BTUs, automatic dual speed / dual output * Interior Floor-Length. 11’ 6” * Interior Height. 6’ 8” * Cabover Headroom. 44.5” * Electric Jacks. Removable extensions have been fabricated on the electric camper jacks. * Bike Rack. A four-bike bike rack completes the rear of the camper. Camper Weight The wet and loaded weight of the camper (when loaded with 45 gallons of water) and average essentials, supplies, and gear) is 6,500 lbs. ______________ Combined Wet & Loaded Rig Weights When the entire rig is loaded (with 45 gallons of water, gear, food, supplies, four bikes, and four people) the weight averages 20,500 lbs. Add 800 lbs. if filling the 90-gallon auxiliary freshwater tank.

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