Absolute Freakshow: The Wildest Thing On eBay Right Now Is A Rear Engine, Pusher, Burma Jeep Rat Rod

Absolute Freakshow: The Wildest Thing On eBay Right Now Is A Rear Engine, Pusher, Burma Jeep Rat Rod

We’ve all but abandoned the phrase “rat rod” around here over the last few years but sometimes things pop up and we have no choice but to break that name back out again. This truck is the definition (to us, anyway) of the modern rat rod, something that did not start out that way. Back when guys built hot rods that were not all polished up, the term came to use. The natural evolutionary end of that trend was stuff like you see below.

This weird and wild contraptions is based off of a 1940s Army “Burma Jeep”. These were beefy trucks that did jobs like Bomb Carrying and other activities that smaller rigs were ill-suited for. About the only part left of the Burma Jeep here seems to be the cab. After that, things get interesting. The chassis and drivetrain are fro a school bus. To make things even more interesting the whole program is laid out in a rear engine diesel pusher arrangement. The nose is a giant V-plow designed for snow, and in true rat rod fashion there are some weird do-dads attached to the outside of the truck.

The neat thing about this is that you are not buying something to finish it. The seller claims that he drives it all the time and with an Allison automatic and what looks to be an International DT466 engine (or variant of such) the thing will run until the apocalypse. At that point you can employ the V-plow properly against the zombies, we suppose.

The interior is spartan but has the gauge cluster from the bus mounted in an old gas bottle. There’s also a rearward facing camera according to the seller so one can see what’s behind them…and the curious looks on the people’s faces.

It’s big, its weird, its a rat rod, and it could be yours for the low, low price of $23,000.

eBay: Insane rear engine pusher Burma Jeep rat rod truck 

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11 thoughts on “Absolute Freakshow: The Wildest Thing On eBay Right Now Is A Rear Engine, Pusher, Burma Jeep Rat Rod

  1. john

    Brian…Is this a test of some kind? Have you put this in BS as a test of your reader’s sanity? This is “god awful” and crap like this should be cut up, burned and buried in some lowly place…even a legit salvage yard deserves better!

  2. Gary

    I’m with john. This is an insult to any real car enthusiast. (As are all “rat rods”, a term sadly used today to describe anyone’s car who is being run before it’s fully finished).

  3. Matt Cramer

    This is the automotive equivalent of abstract art: Attempting to find purpose or reason in it will only drive you mad. But the level of crazy behind this one is pretty impressive.

  4. Eric

    This gets the double crack pipe award … crack pipe build with a crack pipe asking price.

  5. RK - no relation

    Looks like fun for about half a day, so over $2000 an hour for that kind of fun.

    Brings new meaning to rear engine.

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    After many false starts Cletus perfected the throwing big things in the air method of car building….

  7. Cameron Welniak

    Well, hopefully it will run well enough to drive over the scale ……. at the scrapyard.

  8. Jeepinmike

    I was digging it right up to the end of the bed, then I came to the rear engine hanging ridiculously off the back…. ruined the whole thing.

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