Check Out This Sick Twin Turbo LS Powered 1964 GMC Pickup That Has The Sauce To Backup The Looks

Check Out This Sick Twin Turbo LS Powered 1964 GMC Pickup That Has The Sauce To Backup The Looks

When our buddy Kaleb Kelley, the man behind the hugely successful ClassicsDaily Instagram page, told us about Trevor Howard at FilteredImagePhotography, and mentioned a shoot he had done on a 1964 GMC Pickup with a twin turbo LS for power, we were intrigued. When he sent us a photo asking if we would be interested in running a mini feature on the truck, we about fell over. This is so our speed. Not only is this truck ultra powerful, but it has that ass kicker patina that is backed up by a stance that says “Go ahead, make my day.” We have a feeling this particular twin turbo LS powered 1964 GMC will punch you right in the mouth for a pint of fuel. It’s sort of like the bully in grade school that was a foot taller and 40 pounds heavier than everyone else, because he’d been held back three times. It’s a truck that would get you sent to the Principal’s office just for driving it to school. And we approve.

The following is Kaleb’s writeup on the truck, with photos from Trevor Howard at Filtered Image Photography. Big thanks to both of them for contributing. Enjoy.

Loren Sharrard, and his son Brian, have built multiple GM vehicles in the past, but this one is absolutely insane. I haven’t been fortunate enough to see his former builds, but if this sick twin turbo LS powered 1964 GMC is any indication of what they can do, I would love to see them.


This is the 1964 GMC that he built from the ground up. At first he wanted to just do a simple 6.0L LS-series engine in the pickup, but family and friends talked him into building a turbocharged 6.2L. Like most projects, this one turned out to be much larger than they first thought it would be. One thing that Loren wanted from the get go, was a mean look that would intimidate everyone who saw it.


But this truck doesn’t just look mean, as the twin-turbocharged 6.2L LS built by his nephew Mark backs it up. As if the powerful 6.2 liter wasn’t enough, boost is supplied by a pair of Borg Warner S-300 turbos. It was originally a 6.0L that now displaces 379 cubic-inches. A far cry from whatever powered the old GMC when it left the General’s hands in 1964.


The photographer, Trevor, said that the engine put out over 1,000 horsepower on the dyno at 15 pounds of boost, but they may turn it up soon to exceed 1,200 horsepower. This power is sent through a built 4L60E, back to a Ford 9-inch rear end with 33-spline axles, 3.25 gears, and a Detroit locker with a Strange Engineering third member.


The unbelievable stance is thanks to some serious suspension modifications both front and rear. It has a custom 4-link in the rear with a set of Firestone air bags, while another pair of Firestones handle ride height adjustment up front as well.


Like most simple project, this one snowballed a little and took more time than expected to finish. This beauty took him a year and a half to build, but Loren is very happy with the final product. As he should be. We love it too.

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23 thoughts on “Check Out This Sick Twin Turbo LS Powered 1964 GMC Pickup That Has The Sauce To Backup The Looks

  1. 38P

    “1,000” horsepower with no safety equipment and a ground-dragging suspension. IMPRACTICAL!

    1. Sumgai

      So I’m not crazy. The thought that kept running through my head while reading was “That’s neat, but what can you do with it?” Besides shred tires of course.

      1. Terry Sharrard

        Hey, this is my Uncle who stole me and my sisters Chevelles that were in my dads will, hmmm, wonder if he used any of the money he sold my Chevelle with & he has a nice 71 Chevelle convertible that he took to Arizona with him, in his garage that is supposed to be my sisters. My dad entrusted him to give us what was in the will and instead he took it, probably so he could finish this…..smh….sad. Oh and btw, I’m have a disease, the same one my dad died from, disabled since 30. I worked on those cars most of my life too, with my dad.

      2. Sumgai

        Wow, a variation on one of the most common Youtube-esque comments in the book… “go back to your momma’s basement”…

        Funny. All three of my “projects” are daily drivers and reside at my house. I haven’t spoken to my female parental unit in years, I hope she’s dead.

    2. John T

      uh… it has air bags…it can be raised, mate. sorry you find it impractical…. enjoy your Prius , though.

      1. Sumgai

        I don’t think I’d enjoy a Prius if I owned one, though setting it on fire would be fun.

        It can be raised and then what? The bed is still a mess of girders and exposed tires, you can’t haul anything.

  2. GuitarSlinger

    If the Mercedes/Chevy Resto Mod P/U was one class act . Then this is one Bad*ssed act …. That is until you get a look at that tail dragging rear end . Then it all kind of goes downhill in an instant . The Devil being in the Details … and that detail what with 1000 ponies under the hood ….. is just plain wrong !

    1. Matt Cramer

      It’s an air bag setup – putting it back to a working height is just a flip of a switch away.

      1. 38P

        Try to hook up the claimed 1,000-1,200 h.p. with that suspension on those tires . . . .

        I admit I’m not much of a fan of “laying frame” even with air bags. I’d rather see something with well-though-out suspension geometry and spring rates. But I understand the appeal of “bags” to the cruise “nite” posers and low rider set.

        Each to his own!

  3. steve-o

    “Impractical” “What can you do with it?”

    Aren’t ALL hotrods impractical? For instance, the iconic T-bucket?

    One of the things that make them so kick-ass is impractibility. (is that a word)?

    1. 38P

      Build ’em however you want.

      And I’m all for 1000 h.p. (read my project thread) . . . .

      But if you’re going to spend all that money on monster power, shouldn’t you install the basic stuff that makes it usable on track (proper suspension, safety equipment) That’s what I mean by IMPRACTICAL.

      Or is it just a bag chair/fairgrounds poser and street burnout squirrel?

  4. Bob

    Who cares if its impractical, its cool. But where is the hood? I’m not a fan of cars and trucks without the hood on em. It’s kinda like putting a killer interior in and leaving the doors off so you can see it.

    1. John T

      what??? I get the idea a few people from Prius Monthly have strayed onto the wrong page…..

  5. Tom Slater

    To each their own but,
    This truck has no hood, no front inner fenders and no floor in the bed. It’s on bags, that 4L60E is probably going to be short lived behind 1000 HP and I’m not even sure I’d trust a ford 9″ behind that engine. Then again the trans will explode before the 9″ so it’s probably safe.
    Am I wrong? Can you really build a 4L60E that stout, or does this thing need an 80E or 6L90?
    It’s definitely got suds, but I don’t find a scraper pickup that can’t haul anything home “intimidating”… it’s more like “frivolous” or “decorative”.
    But hey, wait, it will haul something home. It will haul ass. So I guess it’s pretty cool.

    1. Chris D

      100% THIS. Couldn’t agree more. Just not sure I would want to drive that thing at any sort of speed.

  6. Jay

    “… you can’t haul anything.”

    A) this is a performance car forum. If you care about carrying capacity, may I suggest Consumer Reports, or Prius World.

    B) It hauls plenty of a$$

    C) “practicality” …. really?

  7. doug G

    i would like to see a roll bar in the truck other than that its a really bad ass truck u never could haul anything in it other than a bale of hay or a nightstand who cares if theres a floor in the bed its a hot rod!!!!!!

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