If You Could Go Back In Time To 1975, What Truck Do You Pick As Your Tow Rig? Chevrolet, Ford, Or Dodge?

If You Could Go Back In Time To 1975, What Truck Do You Pick As Your Tow Rig? Chevrolet, Ford, Or Dodge?

The Chevrolet vs Ford vs Dodge argument has been going on since the dawn of the Big Three, and trucks have always been the subject of some of the most intense arguments. With the truck battles getting stronger and stronger over the past decade, the arguments have gotten even more intense with the Big Three themselves actively throwing punches at each other on a regular basis. This time of year things seem to get hotter and hotter as new models are announced and performance and hauling numbers are thrown around. This only fuels the fire as people get on social media and start arguing the merits of each make based on towing, hauling, horsepower, torque, and of course looks. And some of these arguments get seriously heated!

It always makes me laugh when folks start really losing their minds about which truck looks better, performs better, or is more capable.

I’m a Chevrolet guy to the core, but can appreciate the other brands even if they aren’t my choice. Are you a die hard? Do you always prefer one over the other? Or does the year matter?

If say we went back in time to 1975, which of the three do you choose?

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13 thoughts on “If You Could Go Back In Time To 1975, What Truck Do You Pick As Your Tow Rig? Chevrolet, Ford, Or Dodge?

  1. Riverratcustoms

    I drive a ’79 C20 350/4 speed now as a daily. Take a guess…Although they are all cool. I grew up with these trucks brand new.

  2. Crazy

    My dad worked for his brother. and they had ford 250 long bed and 2 wreckers. seemed like they did the job. and back then trucks were trucks. not the family vehicle. It was great. all 3 built trucks that were bare bones, but could do whatever you needed it to. 24/7/365. if only the oems would build that again.
    I personally like the look of the gmc/chevy but for sheer can’t kill it. I’d say a 318 v8 manual dodge.

  3. Brian Cooper

    It it was 1975, I would take any of the three. PROVIDED, they had a 4 door cab, manual transmission, and a big block. Any of the three would do the work.

    Personal preference would be the Dodge because I like the styling.

    If I had a time machine I would buy the Chevy because of parts availability today even though I don’t like the styling as much.

  4. bob

    None. By 1976 they all had rust holes in them, and were grossly under powered gas hogs. Mid ‘ 70s were the bottom of the barrel for the big three.

  5. Parrick

    Cool looking, rattled, ac might work, dog slow, no overdrive. 8mpg and would overheat. Had a 78 454. Sometimes we get glassy eyed looking back. They are much better with modern running gear.

  6. 69rrboy

    I’d wait until December and then buy a new 1976 Warlock or Macho Power Wagon with a 440, 4spd, 4X4.

  7. Threedoor

    Ford four door, 4×4. I’m a Chevy guy but Chevy didn’t is the Dana 60 front until 77 and the 70s Chevy rust protection was non existent.

  8. BostonTony

    1972 Chevy K. Black and Silver. Not slammed, standard ride height. 4×4, 350 for ease of parts. I saw one just like this in northern NH about 15 years ago. It was only $6500, I had a 97′ Chevy C1500 work truck at the time and almost got rid of it for that. Kicking myself ever since.

  9. Steve Akker

    Love them Square body Bowties….worked at the local Chevy dealer from 1978 till 1993 . Still remember prepping them for delivery when new . Back when trucks were basic work tools , not status symbols. Manual transmission, no radio , roll up windows, rubber floors , manual steering and brakes!! Real Man Trucks !!!

  10. Bill Greenwood

    Chevy/GMC, no contest. While the 440 could be made to pull with a 454 with modest tweaks (You had to bump the cam ahead 4 degrees, and add dual exhaust, which the GM already had), the Dodge interiors were not up to GM’s level of comfort and luxury. Dodge and Ford were both a distant tie for second in how nice the interiors were, and a 460 couldn’t pull the hair off a dog’s ass, let alone a race trailer.
    40 years on, a Ford Eco-Boost, a Hemi Ram, and even a 5.3 GM offer more pulling ability in a 150/1500 than a 70’s dually. And…a few months back, I priced out a new Ram 3500 DRW, regular cab, 2wd, with a 6.4 Hemi. I tried to keep it as close as possible to what a fully optioned truck would have been in 1976. Cloth seats, carpet, A/C, pw/pdl, stereo. Adjusted for inflation, it was the same money as what a full-boogie Chevy dually was in the 70’s. And a stronger truck all around, to boot.

  11. Jack Cassingham

    1975? None of the above. I\’d take an International Travelette 200, with a 392.

    By 1976, the pickups, Travelettes, and Travelalls were extinct. 1980, so were the Scouts.

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