Mini-Feature Replay: The Incredible 1960 F100 by Two Brothers Custom Trucks From SEMA 2011!

Mini-Feature Replay: The Incredible 1960 F100 by Two Brothers Custom Trucks From SEMA 2011!

(Editor’s Note: Our SEMA 2012 coverage will begin later today. Here’s my favorite piece of iron from SEMA 2011!) –  Of all the vehicles I saw and crawled over at the 2011 SEMA show, none hit me harder than this 1960 F100 truck, built by 2 Brothers Custom Trucks of Springfield, Illinois. Cool from every angle, sporting a twin turbocharged, stroked, Y-Block engine, and a manual transmission, it is stunning. Sure, the big wheel look isn’t for everyone, hell, it usually isn’t even it for me, but on this truck it works and those huge 24″ smoothie hoops like as right as rain under the classic 1960 Ford body.

Where to begin? We’ll start up front. The engine, as mentioned is a Y-Block Ford that started as a standard 292ci piece. It was then bored and stroked out to 338ci. As if that were not enough, twin Turbonetics turbos were added to the mix. The modified twin carb airbox actually covers two Holley EFI throttle bodies. There is also a custom built Spearco intercooler that chills the intake charge. We have no idea what it makes for horsepower, but we’re guessing in the mid  400 range. Note that the inner headlights have been removed and that’s where fresh air gets sucked through to feed the turbos. The motor is backed by a Tremec Manum T56 and Centerforce clutch combo.

Moving along, the chassis is a full custom job by 2 Brothers made of 3×5 rectangular tubing. The body is set down 3.5-inches over top of it. Heidts IFS suspension is up front and a Heidts four link handles the suspension duties out back. The brakes are Wilwood all the way around with six piston calipers in the front of the truck and still large four piston stoppers in the back. The wheels up front are 24X9 while out back the rollers are huge 24X15 hoops. The rear tires is a mondo 405/25/24 hunk of rubber love.

The body has been smoothed and massaged subtly, but enough that anyone familiar with this generation of Ford truck can see. I really dug the bed and the relocation of the rear brake lights from the top to the bottom of the rear of the bedsides. Again, little touches, but they all work so well. The awesome hue on the truck is BASF Tantilizing Turquoise.

Given the chance, I’d pop the clutch, bang second and third and not stop until the fuel tank ran dry. This thing would be a riot to cruise from coast to coast. Great work by 2 Brothers Custom Trucks of Springfield, Illinois. Virtually everyone who attended the show saw the truck in the prime location it had. There were constant crowds around it and the following photos took three freaking days to shoot because of how much attention the truck got!

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100

1960 Ford F100



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23 thoughts on “Mini-Feature Replay: The Incredible 1960 F100 by Two Brothers Custom Trucks From SEMA 2011!

  1. Speedy

    Maybe the tires are a tad bit “rubber bandy” (as is the current fashion), but the overall look is totally bitchin.

    I would like to see a bit more chrome and finned aluminum under the hood though.

  2. Joe

    Gawd allmighty those wheels are effing awful! Just effing awful

    Totaly digging the rest of the truck…but damn…just damn…FUGLY ass wheels

  3. Birdman

    Not sure if the wheels are ‘effing awful’; they’re certainly polarizing, though, I’ll give them that.

    VERY nice execution of over-all design. Finned aluminum under the hood? It would HAVE to be subtle and totally integrated to work. I think that the look works well as is.

  4. 50tbrd88

    Wheels are aweful but the rest of the truck rocks! If those wheels were 18″s/20″s it would look a lot less cartoonish.

  5. jack pine

    Craftsmanship is insane on this thing. These guys will be rock stars of carbuilding going forward.

    That said, somehow, this thing doesn’t come together for me. It’s almost like it was designed by a committee, some of them wanted a traditional rod (Y-block), some of them wanted a Bonneville truck, and their Mom wanted a late-model Mustang 10.5 tire car.

  6. Mad Matt

    This truck was mobbed all day at the show. I did like the Y-block but like Jack Pine said its lost its way during the build. The wheels look like giant train wheels (that’s why Brian likes them). The Stack gauges and the Pro-Touringish steering- F

  7. Dennis

    “a Y-Block, even the extra cubes wouldn’t make it a fire breather by any stretch”. You gotta be kidding me. Maybe you should do some research before making yourselves look STUPID(er). May I suggest you check out Y-Blocks Forever.
    If the engine in this truck is only putting out 400hp there is something seriously wrong with the build and tuning.
    Seriously, just try to go beyond your SBC mindset for once…

  8. Rajunz

    This is a true work of art…………..except for those wheels, they’re awful. I can see what they were TRYING to pull off, mimicking the old hub caps, but no, they missed it by a mile.

  9. JAKE

    The wheels serve their purpose here: they draw people in. The wheels are cartoonish, but work in the SEMA setting. On the street it would look better with smaller ones of the same design.

  10. ford141

    I absolutely love the truck except the wheels. I’m generally all right with larger wheels, I even ran 22s on my old lifted F150 (with 35″ tires on them). My old F250 is dropped on a set of smooth steel wheels, so I like that look too. But the combo of the massive smooth wheels just doesn’t work for me. It just looks like it isn’t finished, like it is a concept vehicle and they threw some blanks in the wheelwells just so they didn’t look empty. I’d really like to see the exact same wheel in a 20 with a little more sidewall, I think it would look killer.

  11. duane judd

    Brian you’re right,perfection in every detail.
    The wheels give this vintage badass a modern look.
    Good job.


    Greta job.
    Terrific craftsmanship,nice melding of nostalgic stock with performance.
    The wheels seem to be what people are “disc”-cussing.
    No cussing.These display workmanship and again, imply “stock’ with performance.
    ROCK ON.

  13. jerry z

    Looks like a big Tonka truck! I would do the smae thing I did as a kid and throw it down the cellar steps….Freaking fugly especially those wheels. What a Dub freak.

  14. Robert

    Really if the wheels had some kind of machining or slots to break up that massive expanse of white they would look better. The truck is very cool though.

  15. craig b blue

    the factory “stock” look of the motor is cool – let’s see pics with other wheel sets………

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