Check Out This Perkins Diesel Powered, 6×6 1970s Ford F600 Army Truck – Killer Video

Check Out This Perkins Diesel Powered, 6×6 1970s Ford F600 Army Truck – Killer Video

Fun fact to know and share. The first “big truck” I fell in love with, rode around in, and generally adored was a late 1970s Ford F-750 that my grandfather was running as a delivery vehicle for the family business. I can still remember how it looked, how it smelled, and how every creak and rattle it made fascinated me to no end. Hence the reason I saw this video for a Perkins diesel powered, 6×6 Ford F600 that dates from the same 1970s time range of the one grandpa just to drive and fell in love. The truck is a bad Jose and the guys who restored it are also cool enough to know that the fun goes beyond just looking at the rig. You need to use it!

We give them extra credit because they got a camera under the back of the rig and you can see the twin driveshafts spinning the two rear axles, you can watch the walking beam style suspension work like a charm, and generally admire what low speed torque is.

The Perkins 6357 engine that powers this truck is about a 140hp piece. You are not going to be running anywhere quickly but if you need to tow something or climb a very steep hunk of ground, this F600 is your perfect weapon. The transmission is a Clark 5-speed which we believe has a 1:1 fifth gear so the rest of the cogs are actually under driven.

That gearing comes in handy when turing the truck into a mountain goat as it is in this video. Fun stuff and we’d give a limb to own this rig. It is so clean, unique, and cool we cannot get enough of it.

Press play below to see this sweet 1970s Ford F600 Army Truck in Action!

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