Seems Legit: Watch This Crew Load A Massive Log Onto A Truck In The Least Smooth Way Possible

Seems Legit: Watch This Crew Load A Massive Log Onto A Truck In The Least Smooth Way Possible

When I first started Watching this video I was wondering if there was going to be a punchline. I mean, when you see the big Caterpillar tractor up on its front wheels, a second Caterpillar working, and then a freaking bulldozer at the end of the line, all trying to load a massive log onto a truck in the jungle, it seems pretty hairy. And it is. We’ll spare you the suspense here in the fact that the truck does not roll away, no one get squashed, and when the video is over, we don’t even really see the end result. The fascination here is the fact that if anyone took video of someone in America loading logs like this, there would be hell to pay from 80 different organizations and groups. Where this was made (Asia…somewhere) it seems like another day at the office.

This is a truly monster ass log that is being manipulated here and the truck that is going to haul it out is interesting. This is a Nissan Diesel logging truck. Nissan’s heavy duty truck line is now called UD but this thing appears to be pretty old. These are workhorse trucks and this thing is likely of the age that it still has the OG two stroke Nissan diesel engine. Think of a Japanese version of the famed Detroit Diesel…in combustion cycle only.

While the loading operation of this log is creepy and weird enough, the hauling of it out of the jungle had to have been downright horrifying. Imagine being in that truck, which seems pretty little all-of-a-sudden with the log on its back and praying that the brakes, clutch, and axles hold as you trundled along with the weight of the world on your back.

The way they treat the other equipment, we’re guessing that truck is not exactly the pride of the fleet. Brave? Crazy? Dangerous? Yes.

Press play below to see this log loading operation that will curl your toes – Safety third!

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