TNT Tractor Pull Coverage: Some Of Kentucky’s Coolest Iron and Best Pullers Came Out To Test Their Mettle

TNT Tractor Pull Coverage: Some Of Kentucky’s Coolest Iron and Best Pullers Came Out To Test Their Mettle

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Five classes were to be contested on this rather hot and humid evening, but we only stayed for 4. Sorry diesel trucks.  Maybe next time.  We’d been looking forward to this because we hadn’t yet made it to a pull in 2019.

This gallery contains no action so many of the rigs present before the event started were captured sitting pretty.  Many of the Limited Light Super Stock tractors and the diesel trucks arrived after pulling started so I didn’t get around to them.  A couple of the pictured rigs I hadn’t seen in person before (or at least I couldn’t remember them).

Justin Dews’ ‘Why Not’ Van, from right here in Georgetown, soars off the top of the cool scale.  This rig has seen a couple configurations in its life, but I have previously only seen photos of them.  Though it didn’t have a great hook this night it is a competitive ride and certainly a hit with the fans.  With that seating position he’s seems very capable of keeping track of the boundary lines and the leader marks.  Definitely up close and personal with that blown big-block Chevy too.

The other is Dean Lickliter’s ‘Wicked Ways’ Ford out of Lawrenceburg, KY.  When we walked up on it he was polishing that bed and weight box which much be a constant battle to keep pretty.  It’s running a blown BBC as nearly all the Super Modified four-wheel-drive class does.  When this truck pulled out on the track the reflection off the bed was blinding and that was on the shadow side.  It is a looker and runs hard finishing 5thon this evening.

There were a few vehicles I didn’t get a photos of before the action started because there was no way to get a good image.  I’d rather not take a photograph than take one I know isn’t going to be decent before pressing the shutter button.

Next up are the action shots so remember to check back in for those.


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