Harbor Freight Trailer Build: Fenders And More As This Thing Really Comes Together

Harbor Freight Trailer Build: Fenders And More As This Thing Really Comes Together

Here’s the next installment of the trailer build, so check it out below, where fenders are designed and installed, and the fold-down table position is finalized. And if you missed the last videos, use the link below to check them out too.

I’m a fan of expedition and overland vehicles, and admire some of their trailer builds, but this one not only made me want to build something to go off-road camping, but also made me think about all the cool drag and drive event trailers that people have come up with. If you go on Rocky Mountain Race Week, Drag Week, Sick Week, or any of the others you are going to see a bunch of guys pulling little trailers full of parts, tools, and tires down the road. This particular trailer build starts out as a cheap Harbor Freight trailer, which a lot of folks use to start their own drag and drive trailer projects. Because this one is going off-road it is being beefed up in a big way, and we approve of these improvements.

Check out the latest video below, and you’ll see all kinds of changes that will help this thing survive. But we hope it also inspires you for your own trailer build whether for off-road camping or for your favorite drag and drive event. After all, if this trailer can survive off-road action then it should be perfect for holding heavy tools, parts, and pieces. If we were building one like this for Rocky Mountain Race Week then we’d want it to be lower, but that’s easy. Otherwise, this sucker is really going to hold some cool stuff and be good.


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