Dream Job? This Dude Gets Paid To Go Mud Bogging Every Day In A Tough Tractor

Dream Job? This Dude Gets Paid To Go Mud Bogging Every Day In A Tough Tractor

Ok, we’re not sure what your dream dream job is but we think that the operator of this logging tractor is living his every day. This four wheel drive Valtra tractor is a boss when it comes to dragging loads of logs out of the woods, especially through a long mud pit that would swallow any truck we have ever seen, outside of Bigfoot, whole. Valtra may not be a super common name among American readers but their products are sold all around the world and from what we can tell, they only sell four wheel drive units.

This particular tractor has been modified for forestry use apparently as the standard nose is off the rig and there’s a massive winch hanging off the front. Even with the deep, slogging mud that the tractor contends with, it never even needs to think about using the winch. In fact, we’re having a hard time picturing a situation that would actually stop this sucker after watching it battle and win in this environment.

Outside of the actual tractor action the, the guy who is running the grapple to load the tractor (which we suspect is the driver of the tractor) is also a boss, using the crane like a large hand. The dexterity that is shown by experienced operators always blows us away.

So if you dream job includes elements of attacking some hellacious mud every day, we have found the perfect occupation for you. We’d likely PAY whoever the company is that runs this logging patch for a couple days just to have this kind of fun.

We’re weird, we know.

Press play below to see this tough tractor dominate a mud bog like it’s a job –

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