The Most BangShifty VW Bus Ever Built Has Tracks, Skis, and Inliner Ford Power – Canadian Creation Is For Sale

The Most BangShifty VW Bus Ever Built Has Tracks, Skis, and Inliner Ford Power – Canadian Creation Is For Sale

BangShifter Ed Hohenberg gets the gold star of the day for pointing us towards this amazing creation that is currently for sale in Winnipeg, Canada. Combining the iconic shape of the VW bus with tank style tracks, skis up front, and a Ford line six engine along with a three speed manual transmission, this is the ultimate winter cruiser. Did we mention that it comes with front wheels/tires for your summer exploring pleasure as well? I am not an anti-VW guy and we’re sure that there will be some of the VW crowd that will hate the hell out of those thing but I am robustly pro awesome and this thing is 100% awesome. While there are not a ton of technical photos showing the mounting of the engine and transmission the finished product looks pretty well done. The tank-like stance of the thing is really neat and can you imagine the looks on people’s faces as you zipped your way over snowbanks and down unplowed streets with ease?

With the side doors open you can see that there is plenty of room for passengers and whatever other stuff you’d want to bring along like maybe one of those St Bernard dogs with the rum barrel on his neck or something. After all, you’d totally be pressed into service rescuing people who got their wimpy four wheel drive trucks stuck in the snow while off-roading, right? It would be smug city to roll up there in this modified VW and just snatch them out like it was no big thing and then zoom away, off to help the next poor soul. In all honesty we think this would probably be a perfect rig for hunters and woodsmen who go out deep into the forest and need a reliable means to get back out as well. The inline six, 250ci Ford engine will run long after the zombie apocalypse is over and with a three speed transmission we’re betting that this baby can do at least 65mph and maybe a bunch more. That would probably be scary but on an open frozen lake why wouldn’t you test the top end. Science!

In the event that is sells, here’s the text of the ad:

1960’s vw bus turned into bombadier ford 250 6cy 3 sp runs drives does what it was built to do comes with tires for front for summer fun all year around vehicle excellent for hobby fisherman real head turner. inquire for more info at 204-870-2671


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7 thoughts on “The Most BangShifty VW Bus Ever Built Has Tracks, Skis, and Inliner Ford Power – Canadian Creation Is For Sale

  1. Nick D.

    Ya know, Bombardier built something very similar but on a bigger scale called a Snow Bus. Used to be a pair of them around here that guys would bring to snowmobile shows.

  2. Matt Cramer

    Looks like they started with the ambulance version.

    This is one of those things I have no earthly need for (especially in Georgia!) but still want.

  3. ColoradoKid

    OK … so on one hand … its kind of cool … but on the other its absolutely stupid and a waste of a perfectly good classic VW Micro Bus who’s prices are ascending faster than this thing is capable of going at full throttle

    1. 75Duster

      The last time I checked ColoradoKid/GuitarSlinger the owner of the VW bus built it for his needs not yours. Did you stop to think that when this was built when VW vans were more readily available? Or the owner/builder made the best use of what he had available in Canada? I like it because it was built with ingenuity out of necessity.

  4. Ard

    All in all, it is a rare vw tranporter.
    especially the halftrack configuration.
    They should spray paint the car olive drab green with a big white star on every side.
    then sell it to the army al as low butget solution.

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