This 1951 Boyertown Tour Wagon Has A Weird Engine, Is In Immaculate Shape, And May Be The Coolest Old RV We Have Seen

This 1951 Boyertown Tour Wagon Has A Weird Engine, Is In Immaculate Shape, And May Be The Coolest Old RV We Have Seen

Thanks for Jeff Lacina, we have this killer little 1951 Ford Boyertown Tour Wagon to show you. Built off a Ford “Merchandizer” forward control truck, this thing is in remarkable shape for being more than 60 years old. The body is beautifully preserved, the 1950s interior looks 1950s old but is in great shape, it has a weird motor, and fun looks that would be sure to draw smiles while cruising down the road. We had to look up some history on the Boyertown Tour Wagon and found the company that built it to be an interesting story.

Starting a couple hundred years ago the Boyertown coach and wagon works was building all manner of horse drawn vehicles until the internal combustion engine began to take over. They went into building car bodies and eventually found their niche doing commercial bodies for trucks. They must have been dealing with these little Fords left and right when someone at the company decided that the blossoming motorhome segment could use a fun little entry. Originally equipped with a six cylinder engine, we have to imagine that it was painfully slow and couldn’t run much more than 65mph or thereabouts. Somewhere along the line someone has swapped a 315ci Poly Dodge V8 into the doghouse of this little Ford. With about 200hp on tap that must have really felt like a kick in the pants!

We love the original captains chairs and the way the interior is laid out. Only a few hundred of these were produced from the early 1950s through the very early 1960s so the number that survived is likely miniscule. We like the big pompadour looking loft that juts out ahead of the windshield. It looks ready to do a stoppie if the brakes were jammed on. HA!

Here’s some text from the ad in the event it sells:


1951 Ford Step Van – Boyertown“Tour Wagon” coach built camper conversion

  • Resides in original condition less the motor (which was changed out at some point to an industrial Dodge V8 315 with manual transmission).
  • Runs smooth
  • Clear title
  • All interior is original from coach builder and is complete with normal wear and tear.
  • All appliances are period correct (including the original ice box, propane stove, sink and water holding tank).
  • There are lots of cabinets and ample storage space throughout.
  • Plenty of room to comfortably sleep at least 4 adults (possibly more)
  • Cab over sleeping area was added on some years after the conversion (and was well done). There are no leaks at all.
  • The exterior paint is original and cleans up nicely.
  • Tires are 17″ wheels including all original hubcaps.
  • Brakes need some TLC
  • This is a limited production conversion and is a real eye catcher! 

If you’re looking for a Vintage Camper that is Unique — this is the one for you!!



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5 thoughts on “This 1951 Boyertown Tour Wagon Has A Weird Engine, Is In Immaculate Shape, And May Be The Coolest Old RV We Have Seen

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    So they didn’t uprate the brakes or suspension when they swapped the engine – still, at least its a nice comfortable way to commit suicide!

    1. Rod Kro

      Omg it’s just a 315 poly motor out of a 1957 dodge,,this engine can also fit 354,and 392 Hemi heads. This engine is very common in old trucks and 4 door cars

      1. George B.

        Actually only the Dodge Red Ram hemi heads fit this block. Pistons have to be swapped. 354 and 392 were Chrysler hemis. In the 50s dodge, desoto and chrysler all had different hemis that were not interchangeable.

  2. Blue'67CamaroRS

    Did they sleep on the little love seats before they added the accommodations for the mother-in-law?

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