Brilliant BangShifty CL Find: This Old Mini-Van Was Made Into An Ice Fishing Hut!

Brilliant BangShifty CL Find: This Old Mini-Van Was Made Into An Ice Fishing Hut!

We have to thank BangShifter Stephan Svard for sending us the link to this genius rig that is currently for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We love it because it is simplicity at is finest and it also is hilarious to look at. Basically someone needed to make a portable ice fishing shelter and the apparently had an old Chrysler mini-van laying around taking up space. By hacking the nose of the van off and losing the engine, axles, transmission, and essentially all of the heavier stuff that a mini-van is made of and then ripping out all the seats, the “builder” was left with a great little box to hang out in and drop a line through the ice when the spirit so moved him. Also being that beer drinking is a large part of ice fishing there’s plenty of space to stack cases of your favorite brew up front.

Imagine the looks that this thing get when it is being dragged down the highway?! We have seen plenty of pickup beds repurposed as trailers and those are pretty cool but we have never seen a rig like this before, which is shocking because once we laid eyes on it we understood its brilliance immediately. Being that these things did weight but 33-3400lbs to start with, once you pull the engine, trans, cooling system, entire front end off, and the dash, etc we bet it is a lot closer to 2,500lbs and you can tow that with pretty much anything, right? Towing half a mini-van with a complete mini-van would be both poetic and heroic in our eyes.

So what would you do with it? Paint it, fix the rust and use it as a travel trailer for going to the races and stuff? Would you take it ice fishing? Would you run the other way if someone invited you in? Answer these questions and then check out the photos and link below!


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3 thoughts on “Brilliant BangShifty CL Find: This Old Mini-Van Was Made Into An Ice Fishing Hut!

  1. HotRod

    That’s one good use for an old van, but If I bought it I’d rig another axle under it and use it for a trailer. The lakes and ponds don’t freeze here in the South. It’d be mighty tricky getting that thing out to the middle of a lake down here.

    Maybe I could turn it into a boat.

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