Wach Trailer Hitches Get Ripped From Under A Truck With Heavy Equipment!

Wach Trailer Hitches Get Ripped From Under A Truck With Heavy Equipment!

Ok, this is a pretty fun watch. The video was made by a company who manufactures a product called the “Ditch Hitch” that is designed to be used in a receiver hitch to aid in pulling out a stuck truck. The idea of the video is to illustrate how strong their product is as well as to show some proper recovery procedures. By using tow straps, a strain gauge, a pickup truck and some heavy equipment they both destroy some trailer hitches and starkly illustrate some interesting points.

The first thing we dig is the way they showed how recovery straps are essentially fuses as much as they are anything else. The wrong strap for the job will either leave you with a damaged truck or leave you with a truck that is still stuck in a hole. Understanding the hows and whys of that is part of the video. Buying right right strap and affixing it the right way is essential to recovery success.

The Dodge truck they use for this exercise a toughie and the trailer hitches, while failing certainly out performed what their ratings were. The engineers were interested to see where they failed as well. It is not where they thought the issues would crop up.

Outside of the academic value here there’s just the downright awesomeness of watching a D8 Caterpillar do immense amounts of work without even taking a deep breath of even coming off of idle. Destruction and science…what’s better that this?

Press play below to see trailer hitches ripped under a truck with heavy equipment –

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